Unless you’re living under a rock, by now you must have heard about probiotics and how good they are for your health.

Are those claims true?
You bet!

You see our bodies are mostly made up of bacteria.
Say what?

You heard me.

Our skin which is the largest organ in the body is blanketed by bacteria if all sorts, all the time. And so is our gut. There are trillions of bacteria residing in your gut right now as you read this.

So what are probiotics?

Simply speaking, probiotics are bacteria that line your digestive tract. They help the intestines absorb nutrients and fight infection.

Here are some known functions and benefits of probiotic bacteria:
• Improve overall digestive function and gut health
• Help in healing inflammatory bowel conditions like IBS, by improving bowel movement
• Help in the production of Vitamin B’s and Vitamin K2 plus other enzymes.
• Aid in the absorption of Vitamin B12, glucose and minerals like iron and magnesium
• Manage and prevent skin conditions like eczema and acne
• They help boost your immunity and therefore help
– Prevent infections like those of the urinary tract
– Fight food-borne illnesses
– Reduce the occurrence of flu and colds
• They help in weight loss (oh yeah!)

Now, you need to have a heavy concentration of the good bacteria in your gut to be healthy, i.e. at least 85% of your total gut bacterial count should be good bacteria!

When this balance is compromised and the bad bugs start getting stronger, it leads to a condition called Dysbiosis.

So naturally your next question must be- “Tanuja, tell me what causes this imbalance?”

Well, as you can guess the imbalance happens when the good bacteria are being killed and replaced by the ‘bad’ bacteria.

Some of the top probiotic killers are:
1. Prescription antibiotics
2. Excessive sugar consumption
3. Chemicals, preservatives and other medications
4. A diet high in grains
5. GMO Foods
6. Hard water
7. Emotional Stress

The only way to fix dysbiosis is to eliminate the foods that feed bad bacteria and to start consuming probiotic rich foods and supplements.

You can read all about natural probiotic rich foods here. Our ancestors and grandmas made sure this was a part of our daily diets. Unfortunately, we are moving away from this wisdom and hence seeing more and more instances of gut dysbiosis.

Probiotic supplements are also quite popular these days, so you can certainly consider those as an alternative.
However, anytime you take supplements it is important to buy high quality, pharmaceutical grade ones. The cheap drug store ones won’t do you much good.

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Hope you are starting to get a sense of how important probiotics are, not just for your gut health but overall wellbeing as well.

So, if you’ve been suffering from indigestion, IBS, other digestive issues, skin conditions like acne/ eczema and falling sick often- you may be dealing with dysbiosis!

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