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Easy Peasy 3 day Sugar Free Detox


Empowering High-Achievers Get Your Mojo Back;
by helping you Reconnect with Yourself and Nourishing Your Body & Mind Optimally.


You got an enviable career, an adorable family and a happening social life. Even super heroes salute you!
But the reality is you are burnt-out, extremely exhausted and feeling disconnected

Long story short, you are trapped in a:

* Body that is ailing with symptoms like sugar cravings, lethargy, digestive issues like IBS and insomnia.
* Mind that is overwhelmed, unhappy and longing for some peace.
* Soul that is lost, distraught and disconnected.

The truth is you are at the end of your wits and yet carrying on pretending as if everything is just fine.

Stop struggling unnecessarily! You’ve ignored yourself for far too long.


You Can’t Do Your Best When You Don’t FEEL Your Best.

The good news is you don’t have to feel like that anymore!

I have been in your shoes.
I have experienced the lethargy, gloomy days, being sick to the core, and the endless rounds with doctors not knowing what was wrong with me.

But… I’ve broken that cycle and taken charge of my own health with amazing results.

It’s time to get you to be HIGH ENERGY, HEALTHY AND HAPPY once again!

Hi! I’m Tanuja Dabir, Mind-Body Transformer and Digestion Whiz, with background in Holistic Nutrition.

And I have an uncanny knack to provoke you to unleash your well-being!

I transform you from the inside out, which means I enable you to:
– Bust cravings
– Beat tummy woes like IBS, bloating, heart burn
– Increase Energy
– Reconnect with your true self
– Relax, enjoy and FEEL GOOD


You know you should eat healthier, exercise more and reduce stress. But, you are either too busy, confused or don’t know where to start. Right?

With my proven nutrition, mindset and lifestyle hacks, I equip you to:
FUEL : your body, mind and soul right

FUN : weaved into your daily life, instead of waiting for that once a year vacation.

FREEDOM : from dietary deprivation, pain both mental and physical, & self-sabotaging habits


You know you need an expert.
You are fed up of futile tests, DIYs and over-the-counter pill popping spree.
You are fed up of Googling information and have tried all the short term quick fixes

My job is to:


the root cause of your symptoms

Support and guide

you in making the right food & lifestyle choices


your relationship with food & yourself

You are enough. You are more than capable.
So let’s unleash your ultimate well-being!



We will work together to uncover the root cause of your symptoms and fix the imbalances or deficiencies,
with the right dietary and lifestyle approach for your unique body type, coz “One size does not fit all”.

Invest in your Health. You are worth it!



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