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10 Essential Foods for Rocking Digestion and Energetic You

Online Supplement Store

We now offer an online supplement store for your convenience with instant access to highest quality heath products from the world’s top professional brands.

What are the advantages?

Access to a huge catalogue:

You can order the recommended supplements during your visit with me or from the convenience of your home based on the recommendations I send you over email or during our consults.

Simple product refills:

You can proactively refill your orders, so the products arrive before the old supply runs out. So you can stay on track with your wellness plan.


Save time and effort! Its more convenient than driving to a health store and trying to figure out which product to buy, or getting confused by the choices there. The product is delivered at your door step, so that’s cool too.


Drum rolls for this one please’…. You get all supplements at a discounted price! Yay!! Now that is icing on the cake (the healthy one’…ofcourse).

Simply create an account by clicking the “Product Catalogue Button” below.

You will immediately have access to the entire pre-selected products catalogue. This way you won’t have to browse through hundreds of product choices which may or may not be suitable for you.


Product Catalogue

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