Diet-Free Diet

Stop dieting!

Your health is not worth a compromise!

Are You a Time-Strapped Woman Juggling a Job, Family and After School Activities While Trying to Keep Your Sanity and 'Manage It All'?

Discover how to feed your family healthy meals, while you bust cravings, beat the bloat, have more energy and get lean without sacrificing your health or flavor! 

  • You want more energy to do the things you love.
  • You want to look gorgeous. 
  • You want freedom from sugar cravings and the ‘preggy looking’ bloat every time you eat. 
  • You hate when you are cranky and irritable when you don’t eat on time
  • You want your meals to be hassle free yet nutritious and tasty

And you know all this is certainly possible…. if only you started eating better. 

But you don’t want to starve or deprive yourself. 

Let’s get real here........

Who eats tasteless steamed veggies, bland foods and cold salads every day and likes it? 

You want to BE and FEEL different, while eating DELICIOUS food. 

You want your food to fill you up, sharpen your focus instead of leaving you hungry, or making you binge on cookies and potato chips soon after you eat. 

Your food needs to work around your life. Not the other way round. 

Obviously, you don’t want to drive yourself crazy thinking about what to cook and what to eat next........

It’s overwhelming. There are just too many options out there! 

All you need is well laid out meal plans and recipes, all measured up simply waiting to be cooked. 

Time is precious. 

You don’t want to spend hours on food prep, run around gathering exotic, hard to find ingredients and break into sweat wondering how on earth can you feed the family healthy dishes. 

Plus who wants to count calories or measure portions?! 

It’s hard to keep track of what you ate and add it to your fitness app 3x a day. Wouldn’t it be nice to shed the excess pounds and get that flat belly you’ve always dreamt of? 

Ofcourse!!! You deserve to look gorgeous!

Simply said- You just want it all to work seamlessly. 

I get it!! Coz' I was there just a short while ago.  

Now is the right time.

Hi! I’m Tanuja Dabir, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a mom, a community volunteer, a dancer at heart with a love of traveling and reading. 

 I have been in your shoes! 

  • I was exhausted and unfocused, barely able to get off the couch
  • I binged on sugar and felt miserable eating it and avoiding it 
  • I have felt guilty about being irritable and snappy at home
  • My muffin top was growing steadily, and I used to dread going shopping for clothes, especially pants!
  • I have stepped off the scale feeling full of regret 
  • I was super confused ‘Googling’ -how to eat healthily 
  • And I have tried different diets and failed, as I was starving myself and would quit half way through them.

The stress of work-life balance and on-the-go lifestyle was making me feel and look awful day after day. 

I was praying for a miracle. 

But that was a few years ago. 

Today, I enable stressed and on-the-go busy bodies just like you to eat clean, bust the sugar cravings, beat the bloat and manage weight so that you can brim with energy from the inside out.  

I help you eat nutritiously without spending hours in the kitchen or breaking the bank on expensive health foods. 

That’s exactly why I’ve created the ‘Diet-Free’ Diet for you! 

Does the word “diet” make you cringe? 

Have you ever said to yourself ?

  • I wish I had more energy so I could enjoy life once more and do the things I love 
  • I wish I was more focussed at work and not feel so fogged out 
  • I wish I was not so ‘bitchy’ and ‘hangry’ all the time 
  • I wish my bloated tummy would disappear 
  • I wish I could lose the stubborn weight
  • I wish I never have to ‘diet’ again! 

If you answered YES to any of these questions- then it’s time to end the confusion, cut through the nonsense and discover a simple nutrition plan that works. 


  • Forget about all the hype and gimmicks. 
  • Forget about the confusing latest diet trends.
  • Start enjoying shopping for clothes and accepting invitations to social events because you’ll be strutting with confidence and a glow 
  • With this program, you can proudly look yourself in the mirror and say- “Hello gorgeous! Where were you hiding all this time?” 

Discover the simple, hassle free and sustainable way to bust cravings, gain energy and start shedding the excess pounds in just 3 weeks; without deprivation and while eating your favorite foods easily found at the local grocery store! 

Life happens. 

If you are busy juggling a job, a family and countless other responsibilities– then this program is your rescue jacket! 

It is the magic wand you’ve been waiting for! 

Well, sort of.........Our magic wand is a series of tools and steps that are easy to understand and implement into everyday life; no matter how busy you are! 

Yes, it’s possible! Let me explain…… 

How many different diets have you already tried? 

If you've tried other 'diet' programs, you know how hard it is to count calories, measure portions or points.

You may have even proudly eaten pizza and ice-cream when on the plan, and felt good about it!

But let me ask you this: 

  • Did those meals reduce your sugar cravings or indigestion?
  • Did your bloat and indigestion vanish?
  • Did you lose the weight permanently?
  • Did you get any healthier eating those packaged and frozen foods?
  • Did you really eat foods that were nourishing to the body?

It's not your fault!!

For any nutrition plan to work it has to be simple and sustainable. 

  • It HAS to fit your lifestyle. It can’t be super restrictive, full of rules and deprivation. 
  • AND you have to be able to eat the foods you love
  • Your meals should nourish every cell of your body, energize you and make you healthier
  • It doesn’t have to be a struggle. You don’t need to be a chef!

That’s what the ‘Diet-Free’ Diet is all about! 

I know that from personal experience and from working with my clients.

That's why in this program, you will be eating nutritious, balanced and wholesome yet tasty meals, that nourish you from the inside out.

It's about giving your body the much-needed vitamin and mineral rich foods, which energize you without excess unwanted calories.

It's about a paradigm shift and fueling your body with real foods.

The 'Diet-Free' Diet enables you to achieve that with the help of:

  • 3 weeks worth of 100+ Wholesome, Scrumptious Meals
  • Delectable Recipe Book 
  • Shopping List for Fast and Easy Shopping
  • Food Swap List so you can change things around as you like
  • Calorie Counted and Measured Portions. It’s all done for you! 
  • Tons of Support and Guidance via Private Facebook group
  • Know EXACTLY what to eat, step-by-step, everyday without crash dieting or struggling to decipher complicated “points and macro” formulas. 
  • Plus its GLUTEN / DAIRY FREE! 

Let the ‘Diet-Free’ Diet EMPOWER YOU to break free from the “diet cycle”

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You can’t always control your environment. Sometimes things get crazy. That’s the way life works.

So it's time to focus on what you CAN control. 

You eat food 3-5 times a day. Yet amazingly, you rarely stop to think about what you are putting in your body. 

You’re reading this because you love food. I love it, too. 

But if you’ve said, “I should really start eating better and do something about how crappy I feel,” then let me ask you, what have you changed so far? 

I’ll tell you what- most people do nothing about it! Here’s why:

As humans we can be lazy. We do what’s easiest- we eat what’s in front of us, we watch TV for hours, and we summon food to our doorstep through mobile apps. 

I’m not judging. I have done it, too! 

Second, it’s always easy to put this off until another day. “I should really start eating better” is true — but when? 

Are you waiting to find the perfect recipe? Google all you want and still never cook it! 

Or until you have more time? 

Or until one day when you have a bigger kitchen? 

Cut it out! Right now! 

Let me take you from exhausted, overwhelmed and body shy to energetic, confident and gorgeous in just 3 weeks. 

The time is now. 

Let me help you transform the way you eat and think about food. 

Discover how to cook food that tastes amazing and actually fits into your life. 

Here’s what the ‘Diet-Free’ Diet includes:

Your wellbeing is not just about what you eat, and how much you exercise. It’s a way of life, which should be sustainable without deprivations and restrictions. This program will get your started on that path, because you are worth it!



100+ Nutrient dense, scrumptious, balanced meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 21 days, including portion sizes and calories, so that you don't have to count anything!



You don’t have to do it alone! You’ll be part of a fun, private and confidential FB group with your program peers, who will cheer you on. Plus I will be hanging out there daily as your cheer leader, answering your questions, offering advice and support!

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Cut shopping time in half and save money buying only what you need! Don’t like a particular food from the meal plan? No problem! Just use the food swap list to substitute items with your favorite foods.



Holistic, wholesome, nutritious and delicious recipes. All recipes are gluten free, dairy free, easy to cook and hassle free.

Pen and paper


Each week you will also get additioal nutrition related handouts loaded with information to help you succeed and take your health to the next level.



Get rid of all confusion about what brands of supplements to buy, how to choose the best quality etc. Get instant access to high quality supplements used and referred to by health professionals, not easily available in the market. A good quality supplement will make a huge difference in your health.

Here’s What Past Participants Have To Say About The Program: 

Sharmila K, Richmond:

"My pants are looser and my rheumatoid arthritis related inflammation is so much better since I started this program. My bloating is a lot less and my energy levels are much better. I will continue to consult your recipes and incorporate them as much as possible into my daily life going forward."

Marilyn B, Vancouver 

"I found Tanuja very knowledgeable and committed to assisting me attain the goals I set for myself. The program was easy to follow and stay on track. I loved the menu’s outlined for each day, as that is what I required the most. I’d give working with Tanuja a 9 out of 10 (I don’t usually recommend anything to others)!"

Helen V, New Westminster 

"I have lost 4 pounds already and am feeling very good, and it’s just week 1!. No real desire for sweets! I also find having the grocery list very helpful and saves a lot of time, even my husband can shop for the food items now."


1. Who is this program for? 

Anyone who wants to begin eating healthy without dieting and deprivation is the right fit for this program. The 'Diet-Free' Diet is right for you if you are: 

• Busy, on the go moms/ professionals juggling multiple priorities but want wholesome, balanced meals for the entire family 

• Want to lose the stubborn weight and bloat and feel sexy again 

• Tired all the time and drag yourself through the day at work and at home 

• 'Hangry' when you skip meals 

• Don't know of any healthy snack ideas and end up binging on cookies and chips 

• Exercise regularly but are clueless on what foods to eat to support your active lifestyle 


2. "I’m sensitive to gluten and dairy!"

Worry not! All meals are gluten and dairy free! 


3. "Is there meat included in the plan? Do you have vegetarian plans as well?" 

There are 2 versions of the plan- a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian. 

The vegetarian plan does include egg as a source of protein. 

However, the plan also comes with a food swap list, so you can always substitute food items that you dislike with your favorite items from the list or make it a vegetarian version by substituting the meat with vegetarian foods like soy, legumes and beans. 

After you sign up, you will be asked your preference, i.e. vegetarian or non-vegetarian, so I can send you the appropriate plan. 

 4. "I have no time to prepare elaborate meals- I can’t do this...."

The program includes hassle free, easy to prep meals so that you can save time! You will know in advance what you will be eating for the entire week, taking the time sucking, tedious guesswork out of the equation.  

There is a grocery list and food swap list for each week, right at your fingertips. It will save you both time and money at the grocery store. 

5. "My spouse and kids not really open to the idea of changing the way we eat. It won’t work for our family."

Change is hard, but only when you need to adapt to a completely new way of eating. With the 'Diet-Free' Diet you can eat all your favorite foods like steak, chocolate cherry smoothie, almond chia pudding, chicken, Mexican stir-fry and more, but just in a healthier way.  

It is easy to adapt for the entire family! 

 6. "I can’t afford to purchase it, but I’d still like to do the program."

If you are buying this program on sale, then the discounted price of $97.00 is similar to the cost of dining out twice in a week, or having your favorite $5 latte for 19 days.

Unfortunately, neither eating out nor those sugary lattes are making you any healthier! 

The program is quite reasonably priced so that it’s affordable for everyone. 

It is the best money you will ever spend on getting the done for your meal plans, recipes, nutritional tips and support you get iin the program!  

Financial concerns are quite legitimate, I resepct that. But let me ask you this: 

• What is the value you’ll put to getting healthy, feeling awesome and looking amazing?  

• What is it costing you now to live with your symptoms and discomfort? 

• What is the long term cost for not fixing the situation now? 

 Getting healthy is a process; there is no quick fix to it. Plus there is a 30 day money back guarantee too! (Read point 13 in the FAQ section.)


 7. "I certainly want to do the program, but now is not the best time. What are my options?"

Life can be crazy busy, I get it. This program is meant to make your life easier!! 

You can enroll in the program now and start getting all the meal plans and othe handouts right away. But you can choose to start with the program whenever you feel like!  

On the flip side, you could keep eating the way you’ve been eating. It’s gotten you this far. You could go on with life and keep doing what you’ve always done. No biggie. 

But I think of a better life. One where I wake up and jump out of bed, be and feel my best. 

You deserve to feel incredible every morning. Don’t you? 

 8. "I have done the program earlier, is there anything new this time round?"

If you’ve taken the program earlier, you already know it works! 

Based on the feedback received from the past participants, I've now created an much improved version with separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian plans. Plus now there are new and different meals ideas as well!

If you have fallen off track with eating healthy, balanced meals; then this would be a perfect time to re-enroll in the program and start over again. 

 9. "What kind of support or coaching do you offer with this program?"

Your success is my goal! I'm invested 100% in it every step of the way. 

The entire program is online and the plan is quite self explanatory and easy to follow. 

You will get a meal plans grocery list and additional helpful handouts each week for 3 weeks from when you start the program.  

Plus, upon signing up, you will gain access gain access to a fun and private FB group with others who are taking the program. I will hang in there daily answering your questions, helping you with your concerns and providing any other support and guidance you need. 

You will also get to share your wins and questions with others just like you in the program and build a great community of friends! You can even create accountability partners for your personal accountability. 

 10. "Would I have to count calories or portions during the program?"

NO! Absolutely not! 

It’s all been done for you! That’s the beauty of the whole plan. Each meal comes with its calorie count and the portion you need to eat. 

There is a lot of food in there. 

I’ve never had any participant say they were hungry when on the plan, on the contrary, some thought they could not eat that much food in a day! That’s ok too. Eat what you can. The idea is to adapt the plans based on what suits you. 

 11. "What if I don’t want to lose weight? OR What if my whole family also eats according to the plan and doesn’t wish to lose weight, what should they do?"

The ‘Diet-Free’ Diet is a REAL program for REAL PEOPLE. 

Each meal is a BALANCED MEAL with healthy carbs, fat and protein. It helps increase energy; reduce cravings, balance hormones and much more. So it is suitable for the entire family to follow, that’s the beauty of this program. In fact it’s a great way to get the entire family to eat healthy, delicious yet wholesome meals. 

If you wish to lose weight, you stick to the portion sizes given in the plans. If not, then you can still follow the recipes and meal ideas, without adhering to the portion sizes. It’s a perfect win-win situation. 

 12. "What if I have diabetes or other health conditions? Can I still do the program?" 

The plan is relatively safe for all. But if you have specific concerns feel free to call me at 778.322.5670 or email at and I’d be happy to answer any questions. 

 13. "What if I decide the "Diet-Free' Diet is not for me?"

I created this program with your success as the goal, and I am confident that you will fall in love with the program because it works. However, the program works only you actually try it out and follow the plans and recommendations given. 

Plus remember, I will be answering all your program related questions in the FB group daily.

Still, after trying it out if you do decide that it is not right for you, we will happily issue a refund within 30-days from the date of purchase. I would never want to keep your money if you are not satisfied. 

Simply send us copies of your weekly food journal and show us that you've followed the recommendations, before midnight of the 30th day of purchase, and we will issue a refund with no further questions asked!

Terms and Conditions 

 1. See FAQ point 13 for the refund policy. 

If after trying it out if you do decide that it is not right for you, we will happily issue a refund within 30-days from the date of purchase. 

Simply send us copies of your weekly food journal and show us that you've followed the recommendations, before midnight of the 30th day of purchase, and we will issue a refund with no further questions asked!

 2. Participants are encouraged to follow the program as much as possible to get the desired results. 

 3. Information will be sent electronically to you each week. Consider saving paper and print only what you deem essential. 

 4. Please note, results achieved from the program will vary depending on the participants level of participation and individual health/ lifestyle differences. 

 5. We will try our best to assist you in every reasonable manner. However, this program will not include any one-on-one customized consults. All program related questions will be addressed through the private and confidential Facebook group 

 *Disclaimer: This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease. The information provided in this program is for general educational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of advice from your medical professional, licensed dietitian or nutritionist. You are solely responsible for your health care and activity choices. Participation in this challenge does not constitute a client-coach relationship and does NOT ‘guarantee’ weight loss. 

Cheat sheet on:

10 tips to Curb Overeating & Stay on Track with Your Goals.


Feel energized, sexy and amazing is just one click away!


You will receive all of the information about the program via email before the program starts. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email them to

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