Last week the world faced yet another crisis.

The brutalities that took place in Paris, did not just affect the Parisian’s or the French; it globally affected us all at some level .

Such instances remind us of the fact that ’Life is too short’.

Life’s too short to waste whining about its problems, to hold grudges, to fight, to hate and to condemn. Life’s too short so live it to the fullest now. Not tomorrow or day after, but today. Breathe deeply, love passionately, give abundantly, laugh freely and be completely present.

The one area I see most people ignore and keep putting off for the future is health and well being.

We know we should eat better, exercise more, de-stress more frequently. But do we?

It’s astonishing how many people know what the right thing to do is, and yet never do it. It becomes more apparent every year during the festive season to me. This is unarguably a time when most of us overeat or let go of healthy eating habits, gain weight, feel sluggish, and experience digestive issues like bloating, gas, constipation and so on. We hate being like this. So would it not be logical to actually be mindful do something about it NOW when the problem is staring at you in the face.

Instead, here’s what I hear frequently- ’I’m just going to wait until the New Year to get back in shape’, or ’There are so many social commitments I have right now, what’s the point of even starting?’

Are you one of these people too? You are not alone, be assured.

Every time I hear excuses like these (yes, they are excuses, sorry to break the news); my heart breaks into the hundred pieces. It’s almost like saying- ’I know I’m drinking poison, but I like it. So let me drink some now and I’ll take an antidote later to counter its effect.’

Honestly, you don’t have to wait until anything to make a change. No need to wait for the  New Year, or the birthdays to get over or the project to finish. Something or the other will always demand your time and attention- that’s juts life.

You can start with just one small change per week. That is good enough.It’s better than jot doing it ever!

You don’t need to move mountains. The change could be very simple and doable, almost baby steps like:

  • Adding an extra glass of water to your day, or
  • Eating a salad twice a week, or
  • Replacing a cookie with a fruit, or
  • Having herbal tea or fresh juice instead of a can of soda, or
  • Stretching first thing in the morning just for 5 minutes, or
  • Spending half an hour with your family without the distraction of electronic devices, or
  • Just closing your eyes for 5 mins before bed each night and being thankful for all that you have.

Remember, life is just too short. So do something good for yourself and for others around you today. Who knows what tomorrow has in store for you?

Leave me a reply. I’d love to hear what one thing you are going to do to live your best life today.

(P.S: you can always grab your Guide to Guilt Free Holiday Eating here. It might be the first step you will take towards your well-being.)

You may also arrange for a COMPLIMENTARY Discovery Session and figure out how you can eat right, feel better and look good.


Tanuja Dabir

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