Have you ever gone on a diet?

How did it go?
Did you lose any weight?

Most likely the answer is yes.
But did you keep the weight off long term, or gain it all back once you stopped the diet?

When people go off the diet they not only gain back the weight they lost but actually a little more than what they lost.

When you stop the diet, and start eating ‘normally’ AKA the way you used to, the weight simply comes back. That’s because now you are eating the same foods you were eating earlier which made you put on the weight in the first place.

An important thing to note is that when you lose weight by “dieting’ you may lose some fat but it is generally accompanied by some muscle loss as well, as you are starving your body of the nutrition it needs.

So the worst part of the whole dieting episode is that the weight you gain back is mostly all fat! 🙁
And you have also lost muscle in the process, as mentioned above. So it’s quite the lose-lose situation in reality.

Another important thing to remember is that the more you diet, the more your metabolism is messed up.

Your body perceives dieting as a form of starvation. It cannot distinguish between a natural famine vs. the artificial famine you’ve created for yourself.

So a continued trend of yo-yo dieting, forces your body to hold onto to every calorie you consume and preserve it as fat- to use in case of an emergency.

That is how our bodies are programmed. It’s not your fault!
Dieting triggers first the starvation and then ultimately the preservation mode.

With all the trauma, it should not surprise you that as time passes by, losing even a small amount of weight seems like an impossible task! Ever felt that way?

So then what’s the best way to lose weight? How can you eat properly and lose weight at the same time?


Here are some tricks to do so:

1. Reduce the amount of food you eat.

Most of us eat way too much compared to our calorie expenditure.

The trick is to eat to the point of being just about full. So you should still have a tiny little room to eat but are not starving/ hungry or are not stuffed to the throat either.

The added advantage of this is that your digestion will have enough energy to do its job properly, and you won’t feel gassy/ bloated or suffer from indigestion.

2. Never skip breakfast.
It is an important meal for the day as it ‘breaks the fast’ that you were on since eating dinner the previous night, and sets the tone for your upcoming day.

3. Eat real foods, not food like products.

Your diet should consist of whole foods like fruits, vegetable, beans and legumes and lean meats. Processed and packaged foods only give you empty calories instead of real nutrition. So feasting on them actually means, you are starving yourself instead of nourishing the body.

4. Reduce consumption of dairy, sugar & wheat

Our North American diets are laden with foods like cheese, bread, burgers, pasta, pizza, doughnuts, bagel and desserts. Unfortunately, over-consumption of these foods causes inflammation in the body. And inflammation sabotages your weight loss efforts.

If you’ve been on a sugar eating binge or are addicted to any of the foods listed above, try a short 3 day Sugar Detox to get you started with your weight loss goals. Click here to grab your FREE copy.

5. Stop dieting!

Diets are about deprivation, restriction and avoidance. That is exactly why they don’t work!

Our mind is very vicious and defiant. The moment you tell it something is off-limits, it wants more of the prohibited. The will-power will last only so long. Eventually, you will cave in.

6. Plan your meals in advance!

This is the key to avoid restricting yourself and making sure you succeed in making a long-term & sustainable change.

Take time to sit down and figure out which foods you will be eating in the coming week, so that you are ready and prepared. Eating should be about nourishing the body, not about reaching out for unhealthy, on-the-go options as a last moment thought.

If the idea of creating a meal plan makes you want to vomit in your mouth or bores you to death, then check out my ‘Diet-Free’ Diet program!

It helps you to break free from the dieting cycle with 3 weeks worth of done for you meal ideas. You have 21 days of gluten and dairy free meal and snacks ideas at your finger tips, with the calories counted and measured.

So all you have to do it start cooking and eating wholesome yet scrumptious meals.

Check out the details of the program here.

7. Lastly, discover and fix the root cause behind the weight gain.

This could range from hormonal imbalance, blood sugar imbalance, metabolism issues, lack of sleep, excessive stress or even food sensitivities.

This is where you need professional help of a nutritionist like me or another health care provider who specialises in weight loss.

Once the root cause is addressed, the weight starts to drop off naturally. Plus you feel more energised and have better focus.

I am hosting a FREE webinar on weight loss on 8th Jan from 4-5.15 pm PST. Here is the link to sign up.

Click here to schedule your 30 min complimentary discovery session with me, so we can uncover the root cause behind your weight gain.


During our call, I’ll personally help you discover how you can reclaim your health and life.


  • Create a crystal clear vision for your health and wellness that will help you enjoy life more fully and get your “spark” back
  • Uncover the root cause, hidden challenges and self sabotaging habits that may be making you tired, bloated, crave sugar and carbs and put on weight.
  • Leave this session renewed, inspired and ready to finally strengthen digestion so you can enjoy your favorite foods with restrictions and be your best once and for all.


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