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10 Essential Foods for Rocking Digestion and Energetic You

Sports Nutrition

For parents and coaches of young athletes- be it soccer, hockey, lacrosse, dance, athletics etc. Whether or not your child is active in sports, proper nutrition is important to fuel young bodies and minds. Learn what, when to eat and the basics of meal planning and preparation to keep your young athletes hydrated and nourished.

Spinach Quinoa

Spinach Quinoa This is a quick and flavourful side for those busy soccer/ game nights. Full of protein, complex carbs from the quinoa- so your blood sugar levels will not spike. The spinach adds fiber, Vitamin A and magnesium making this a power packed food for on-the-go nights! Ingredients: 1 cup quinoa 1 small red onion finely chopped … Continue reading Spinach Quinoa

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