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Easy Peasy 3 day Sugar Free Detox

Come and join others just like you, who are already getting the desired healthy results they want


How many of these symptoms do you identify with?

  • Always exhausted and have afternoon energy crashes
  • Have gas, bloating or cramps frequently
  • Feel helpless due to diarrhea/ constipation/ IBS
  • Sick of food sensitivities and intolerances
  • Crave sugar or carbs all the time
  • Fed up of crash diets and starvation diets
  • Frustrated with weight gain despite eating healthy
  • Frequent heart burn/ acid reflux make antacids your best friend
  • Low immunity, allergies and have had too many antibiotics
  • Suffer from aches and pains all over and chronic inflammation
  • Overwhelmed by the ’healthy’ food choices on the internet and want it all simplified


I will show you how to:

  • Beat the bloated preggy look and fit into your pants
  • Get relief from heart burn & food sensitivities so that you can enjoy eating once again
  • Breakup your relationship with the sugar monster & eat without feeling guilty
  • Shed the excess pounds and feel sexy again
  • Stop dieting and starving….forever!
  • Have razor sharp focus so you can perform your best
  • Live your life with abundant energy and do all things you love


During our discovery call, we will:

  • – Determine your main health concerns
  • – Identify how they are stopping you from being your best
  • – Nail down the result/ transformation you want to achieve, and
  • – Figure out your next best course of action so that you can start living fully again.


You have only to gain from our chat.


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What to expect:

Working with me means a genuine interest and personal attention to your unique health goals and needs. It includes:
– Evaluation of your food selection, preparation and intake.
– Reviewing your food journal and tweaking it to suit your lifestyle
– Start you off on the right eating plan and recipes
– Address lifestyle and mindset issues that are sabotaging your efforts to make a lasting change.
– Equipping you with the knowledge, tool, tips and hacks to that the progress we make continues well beyond our work together.
– Arm yourself with strategies to combat stress and self-limiting beliefs
– Get relief from your symptoms for good! What else can you ask for?


My job is to focus & identify the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms. .

I encourage you to take charge of your health. Self-care is the first step in the prevention of chronic disease.

Your best interest is my priority and I will empower you to make appropriate and sustainable choices.

There are no short cuts to optimal health. Period.


My programs/ services are right for you if you are:
  • Ready to be in charge in your health
  • Committed to making your health a priority
  • Open-minded and not afraid of trying new things
  • Tried ’fad/ trend diets’ and realised they are not sustainable in the long term
  • Want to live the life of your dreams full of energy, enthusiasm and zest
  • Patient and perseverant, as it takes time to build new positive habits
  • Ready to learn how to make healthy choices daily for yourself and your family


My programs and services are NOT right for you if you:
  • Want quick fixes and short-cuts
  • Expect miracles over night
  • Refuse to take responsibility for youself, and instead choose to make excuses or blame situations/people around you for your condition
  • Are afraid of change and want to stick to your habitual ways that got you in the current situation
  • Just want to know ’what and how’ to do, but never take the time to actually do it


Online Supplement Store

What’s more! I now offer an online supplement store for your convenience with instant access to highest quality heath products from the world’s top professional brands.

What are the advantages?

  • Access to a huge catalogue You can order the recommended supplements during your visit with me or from the convenience of your home based on the recommendations I send you over email.
  • Simple product refills You can proactively refill your orders, so the products arrive before the old supply runs out. So you can stay on track with your wellness plan.
  • Convenience Save time and effort! Its more convenient than driving to a health store and trying to figure out which product to buy, or getting confused by the choices there. The product is delivered at your door step, so that’s cool too.
  • Discounts Drum rolls for this one please’…. You get all supplements at a discounted price! Yay!! Now that is icing on the cake (the healthy one’….ofcourse)



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