Happy Halloween!

Halloween Sugar Scare!

I bet the kids in most households have this happy, ecstatic expression on their face when they see the candies and other sweet goodies being offered during Halloween.

Where as you, the adult, may have the totally different if not a totally opposite expression on your face at the thought of all that sugar. Which one is it?
  • horrified
  • anxious
  • rolling your eyes
  • worried
  • desperation on how to stay away from it
  • part guilty (coz you are enjoying the sugar rush too!… wink, wink)
Well, the reality is that however hard you try you can not escape sugar.
We live in a sugary world and every corner you turn you see sugar staring right in your face. Almost like in a thriller  movie- when the hero is trying to escape but every nook and corner or alley he takes, the bad guys surround him?
He’s trapped…. ouch. But hey, he can think fast and logically and try to outwit the guys right?
And that’s what he does!
So can you! Here are some ways:
  • 1. Be practical and have realistic expectations, from the kids and yourselves.
  • 2. You can decide in advance as a family what the limit might be for candies and other treats for everyone. That way you don’t have to argue over it when the time comes.
  • 3. Give away or share with others- specially if you are hosting a party and have leftovers. Before the guests leave prepare small goodie bags to give them. When the stuff is gone from the house so will the temptation be.
  • 4. Think of healthier swaps for sugar. Here are some ideas:
Swap this With this
White table sugar Stevia
Splenda Stevia
55% dark chocolate 85% dark chocolate
Milk chocolate Dark chocolate
Processed honey Raw organic local honey
Processed brown sugar Raw brown sugar
Processed Molasses Blackstrap molasses


Remember the “Spirit of Halloween” (no pun intended) is to celebrate and have fun.

So do just that, will ya!

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