Lessons learnt from my dad
My dad and I!

This year Father’s Day is extra special for me, as I’ll be celebrating it with my dad after many years. As I started going through ‘gift ideas’ for him, I just could not think of anything suitable.

You see, he is a man of very few needs.

Growing up with very humble beginnings, he had a tough childhood. At an early age he partly shouldered the responsibility of raising his siblings and took up odd jobs like delivering magazines door to door, to educate himself. I recall him telling me how he used to walk for hours in the scorching Indian summer heat so he could get to work (he could not afford a bus ticket) and use that money to fund his own college education.

He had no mentor or God-father; he had no real support system.

It was hard to make ends meet. But he’s all about doing one’s best under any circumstance. He believes in helping and connecting people, fund raising and building a community around him. Even today at the age of 72 years he actively does that! He refuses to retire as he loves to work and be busy.

Through the adversities, he was determined to make something good of his life. His values of hard work, honesty and integrity plus his positive attitude and upbeat personality, opened the doors for success and wealth. Today he is a well known figure and respected personality in many social, bureaucratic and political circles back home.

Life many times was super stressful and he suffered from digestive issues and diabetes at an early age. That’s what stress does to you long term!

I guess, that’s where my passion for working with people with stressful, on-the go- lives and having sugar imbalances and a weak gut comes from.

In short, my dad is a self made man with high standards of integrity, who ensured that I had the best life growing up.

I think the best gift for him would be for me to continue to imbibe his virtues and values in my life, and show him that I am a chip of the same block!

I’ve never told him how proud I am of him and how inspiring his life has been for me in multiple ways. This Father’s Day will be the best time to do that. I can’t think of a better gift…..

Too many of us easily get dismayed during tough times. We fret and despair, and many times simply give up, instead of plodding on. I’m writing my father’s story in this blog, as a point of inspiration for you through those tough times.

No one said it will be easy.

But the important lesson I’ve learnt from my dad is: You Keep Trying.

You do everything possible to keep moving forward, and do it with honesty and integrity. There will be ups and downs, but that is part of life.

Just like my dad would: Keep your head high, smile and say ’Bring it on life, I’m not done yet!’

Happy Father’s Day!

Tanuja Dabir

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