The 2016 Diet and Lifestyle Hack

Discover the Secret to Choosing the Right Foods that Fill You Up,

Give You Lasting Energy and Help You Shed Pounds!


Break Free from Undesirable Dietary and Lifestyle Patterns in Just 6 weeks!

Look and Feel Your Best This January…. Make 2016 Your Year!

break free



Hi! I’m Tanuja Dabir, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a mom, a community volunteer, a dancer at heart with a love of traveling and reading.
I enable stressed, busy and on-the-go professionals like you eat clean, bust the sugar cravings, beat the bloat and manage weight so that you can brim with energy from the inside out.
I help you eat nutritiously without spending hours in the kitchen or breaking the bank on expensive health foods.

Here’s what the Wellness Jump Starter is all about…

Your wellbeing is not just about what you eat, and how much you exercise. It’s also about mindset and lifestyle. It’s a way of life, and should be sustainable without deprivations and restrictions. This program will get your started on that path, because you are worth it!

There’s more!! WELLNESS JUMP STARTER has TWO awesome BONUSES just for you!


21 day Gluten Free Meal Plans ($197.00 value)
The meals plans are complete with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes, grocery list, a food swap list and a healthy recipe book!
You’ll know exactly what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat.
Take out all the guess work- the expert has done it all for you!


FREE 30 min 1:1 consulting call with Tanuja ($75.00 value)

to dive deeper into your health concerns.

ONLY FOR the first 8 Registrants 

It doesn’t get any better than this!

(P.S- All sales are FINAL)


Here’s what some participants have to say about the program:

Veena A, Burnaby It was a pleasure working with Tanuja on my weight loss initiation. For years I had tried to lose weight on my own and tried eating sensibly and exercising daily but to no avail. I was impressed with Tanuja’s presentation on Nutrition and then asked her to take me on as a ‘Challenge`!
Working through her assessments, plans and suggestions – I have lost about 9 pounds and several inches! She was always approachable; had answers to all my questions and was very easy to work with. There was flexibility in her approach which I needed. Following the plan did achieve results. I would recommend working with her to one and all who are interested in losing weight, and gaining better health.

Marilyn B, Vancouver  I found Tanuja very knowledgeable and committed to assisting me attain the goals I set for myself. The program was easy to follow and stay on track. I loved the menu’s outlined for each day, as that is what I required the most. I’d give working with Tanuja a 9 out of 10 (I don’t usually recommend anything to others)!

Helen V, New Westminster  I have lost 4 pounds already and am feeling very good, and it’s just week 1!. No real desire for sweets! I also find having the grocery list very helpful and saves a lot of time, even my husband can shop for the food items now.


1. I can’t justify this investment right now.
The weekly cost of this program is less than the cost of eating out just once in a week, you will feel so much better and your body will thank you for years to come. It’s high time you start investing in your health, especially if you are a woman. Why? Because we women always prioritise everyone else’s needs first and never think about our own well-being.
How do you expect to take care of your families and responsibilities if you are sick, tired and unhappy with your own health?

2. Six weeks seems like a long time…
The program will be over in the blink of an eye! 6 weeks is actually a very short time in the grand scheme of things. Most likely, your current state of health is a result of prolonged neglect. You can’t fix it in a week or two. Be patient and you will see positive results.

3. Why would I choose your program over the other programs out there?
You are right; there are a gazillion other diet programs out there. But they are neither simple nor sustainable, as they are all about short term fixes! If they were to give you lifelong results you would stop being a repeat customer to their unsustainable yo-yo dieting techniques!

The Wellness Jump Starter is about being realistic! It’s about making things so simple and sustainable that the results you see are long lasting, and a fit for your busy lifestyle
I made this program so it’s easy, hassle free, without dieting and deprivation. Try it for yourself and see the difference.
It’s a REAL program for REAL PEOPLE

4. Can I get a refund if I don’t like the program?
All sales are final for this program, since we want you to make a firm commitment and invest in your health seriously. Refunds are used as an excuse for backing out in a weak moment. I will be very happy to answer any questions or concerns ‘before’ you register for the program, so that you can make the purchase with 100% confidence. You can reach her at 778.322.5670 or


Terms and Conditions

1. Please note all sales are FINAL, as we want you to commit fully to the program and take a firm step towards your wellbeing.
2. Participants are encouraged to attend each session in person. If for any reason you are unable to attend a session, the relevant material will be emailed to you, and any questions or concerns will be addressed through the Live FB group. A separate make up session will not be possible.
3. Sessions will be held weekly and start sharp at the given time. Please arrive at 10-15 mins before to get comfortable and prepare for the session.
4. The session handouts/ information will be emailed to participants 48 hours prior to the session. Consider saving paper and print only what you deem essential.
5. The first 45 mins of the session will be about checking in about previous session’s action tasks, followed by covering the highlights of that week’s session. The final 10-15 mins will be allocated for Q&A and peer interaction.
6. Please note, results achieved from the program will vary depending on the participants level of participation and individual health/ lifestyle differences.
7. We will try our best to assist you in every reasonable manner. However, this program will not include any one-on-one customized consults other than the Bonus call being offered to the first 8 participants to sign up.


*Disclaimer: This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease. The information provided in this program is for general educational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of advice from your medical professional, licensed dietitian or nutritionist. You are solely responsible for your health care and activity choices. Participation in this challenge does not constitute a client-coach relationship and does NOT ‘guarantee’ weight loss.