Do you suffer from the sweet-tooth syndrome like I do?

Yes, I am a sucker for sugar, in all forms…..OMG- I just confessed it! On the internet where all that’s declared remains, till the end of time. Lol!

But seriously, I do love my chocolates, ice-creams and Tiramisu cake. Slurrrp!
We all have our favorites, whether it is candies, gummies, cupcakes and cookies or chocolate.

But believe it or not, these sweet devils are giving super-powers to the Yeast Beasts in your gut.

“What?! I have yeast in my gut?”

Boo! Yes, you do!

Yup, we are talking about Candida today!

There is no ‘trick’ here.

This yeast is creating a havoc in many people’s gut, and maybe your’s too?

So what’s the big fuss about Candida you ask?

“Why should I bother, and what makes this yeast find home in my gut in the first place?”

Well then, here is a quick Candida 101 just for you:

Candida Albicans, is a yeast-like fungus which normally resides in the intestinal tract, in small colonies.

Yes, it’s even found in healthy people’s gut along with other beneficial bacteria.

As long as this balance is maintained it’s ok, but the moment this balance is disturbed and the yeast grows stronger problems start cropping up.

This condition is called Candidiasis.

Symptoms of Candidiasis may vary from:
1. Digestive issues like gas, bloating, cramps, IBS
2. Skin issues like eczema, acne, rashes
3. Nervous symptoms like anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, headaches
4. Aches, pains and inflammation
5. Increase in sugar cravings.
6. Lack of energy
7. Rectal itching, recurrent bladder or vaginal infections and even hormonal imbalances!

Reasons behind gut bacterial imbalance leading to Candida overgrowth are:
1. Diets high in sugar and processed foods
Candida feeds on sugar! So the more sugar rich diets you consume the more stronger it gets.
2. Low immunity
3. Repeated use of antibiotics, which destroy the good bacteria
4. Exposure to mould
5. Overuse of birth control pills, immune-suppressants and corticosteroids
6. Candida could also be acquired by a baby from infected mother through the birth canal.

I’ve had multiple clients come to me with symptoms like IBS, sugar cravings and mood issues, migraines, psoriasis, weight gain and low energy; and the common root cause of their symptoms in 95% of these people has been Candidiasis.

I’ve worked with them to control the candida overgrowth with the right dietary and lifestyle intervention. Use of some anti-fungal supplements is also necessary in most cases.

As soon as the candida is under control, my client’s above mentioned symptoms start vanishing like magic!!

Simultaneously, they also begin to feel more energetic and sharp! The mental clarity is remarkable once the fuzziness goes away.

Do you suspect Candidiasis to be at the root of your sugar cravings, digestive issues like bloating/ gas or any of the skin issues listed above?

Here are some handy tips for you to get started.

1. Cut down on sugar.
Oh yeah, I’m harping on the ‘s’ word again.
Once you remove the food which the yeast thrives on, it begins to starve.
Don’t know how? Then download my free 3 days Sugar Detox here to get started immediately.
Sugar detox pic
2. Eat probiotic rich foods
Eat foods like sauerkraut, Kimchi, tempeh daily help to balance the gut bacteria, which can counter the effect of this tricky yeast.
3. Start strengthening your gut
Work with a nutritionist / health care provider specialising in gut health. They can guide you to make the right dietary changes not just to fight off the yeast but also help you nourish and deal with the ‘die-off’ symptoms when the bugs flop dead in your gut.

And let me tell you, some die-off symptoms are nasty. You could experience severe headaches or migraines, flare ups in eczema, worsening of IBS or gas/ cramps etc.

If you’d like really dig deeper, then click here to book your complimentary discovery session with me today.


During our call, we will:
  • Determine your main health concerns
  • Identify how they are stopping you from being your best
  • Nail down the result/ transformation you want to achieve, and
  • Figure out your next best course of action so that you can start living fully again


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