• I’m always tired, and it’s affecting my life.
  • I have no energy, so I drag myself to work.
  • I feel so sleepy and tired; especially after lunch
  • I wish I had more energy, so I could play with my kids and pursue some hobbies or exercise
  • I eat so healthy and exercise regularly; I still don’t have any energy- what’s wrong with me?

Lack of energy is the number 1 complaint I hear about all the time.

This is something I’ve personally suffered from for a long time. And even now – IF I don’t pay enough attention to my lifestyle and dietary habits, I tend to experience it every once in a while.

There are several things that need to be focused on to ensure one has good energy levels. Let’s look at these briefly.

  • Food: is obviously is one major factor.You are what you eat after all.Eat crap = Feel like crap, the equation is that simple.
  • Stress levels: We as a society are stressed all the time. Whether it is work, home, relationships, social commitments, our health; we stress about everything and anything these days.
  • Exercise: most of us don’t get enough exercise, thanks to our ‘over’ busy lifestyle. Exercise helps proper blood flow to our vital organs, therefore supplying the body with plenty of oxygen and nutrient supply, energising you in the process. Some people on the other hand, over do it. Over exercise also robs you of energy, as well. You may be spending way more calories than you may be consuming and tiring yourself too much at the cellular level.
  • Sleep:Ah the precious one, which so eludes us every night! Lack of sleep is another reason why you might be tired all the time. Your body is just not getting enough rest to rejuvenate itself and recover from the stresses of the previous day/ week.
  • Poor digestion: Yes! Most of us would never think of this one crucial factor.This is one key factor, I see in 90% of my clients. If you are either not breaking down/ digesting or not absorbing the nutrients from your food- how will you get the energy to survive the day.No matter how healthy you eat, without a strong digestive system- you will not have the energy levels you desire.

The fix is really simple.

I work step by step with my clients to assess the broken or weak link in their digestive system.

Whether you are enrolled for the 6 session Digestion Jump Start Program or the 12 session Signature Digestive Intensive, we figure out if it is a weak stomach, or overburdened liver, or poor intestinal function, or perhaps yeast/ parasite growth or a combination of these? Then we work towards strengthening those areas. We also work on other co-related body systems that might be contributing to the symptoms. It is a holistic approach after all.

Since we are working to fix the root cause of issues, the results are long term.

It is my job to ensure the steps taken are sustainable and fit your unique lifestyle.

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Tanuja Dabir

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