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10 Essential Foods for Rocking Digestion and Energetic You

R.I.P Tanuja

  I am dead and now finally at peace. Why did I have to ‘die’ to attain peace? Why did I have to go through life as if my butt was on fire and had to perpetually scramble to get things together? Why did I hustle to ‘find’ happiness and peace? Shouldn’t that be my … Continue reading R.I.P Tanuja

Wellness Jump Starter- 6 week program

During this program, you will learn about some critical aspects of a healthy eating lifestyles. These aspects include goal setting, meal planning, portion control, mindful eating and proper hydration techniques. Handouts and resources applicable to each topic will include recipes and meal plans, email support and accountability between sessions, a food and mood journal and … Continue reading Wellness Jump Starter- 6 week program

Eating for Energy

Are you so tired that a even snail faster than you? Get to know about the top 5 reasons why you may be tired all the time. Learn about the foods you can eat and simple, easy and practical lifestyle adjustments to increase energy and live your best life. Course #TBA

Food Decision Fatigue

  I was recently watching a video on business development by Marie Forleo, where she was talking about Decision Fatigue.   This basically means as entrepreneurs, we have so many small choices to make every day that we exhaust ourselves fighting the decision battles.   The solution she presented was to try a ’Decision Detox’ by keeping … Continue reading Food Decision Fatigue

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