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10 Essential Foods for Rocking Digestion and Energetic You

Why You Need to Work with a Nutritionist?

  As a nutritionist/ health coach, many times I am misunderstood! You may think that working with a nutritionist/ health coach means depriving yourself of your favorite foods and give up coffee forever! Or you will be stuck with eating expensive organic foods, raw or vegan or paleo diets (or whatever other fancy diets that … Continue reading Why You Need to Work with a Nutritionist?

10 Commandments of Diabetes Management

Reversing pre-diabetes and managing diabetes is easy once you learn the right dietary and lifestyle techniques. This workshop will teach you just that through the 10 commandments of blood sugar imbalance management. Course# 88162

3 Tips to Enjoy Holidays Without Putting on Weight

  “How can I avoid over-eating during Holidays?” “How can I stay on track with my healthy eating habits?” “What can I do to enjoy all the party food without putting on weight?” “How can I eat smart and still enjoy the Holiday parties and dinners?”   I’m sure these questions ring a bell! Right? These … Continue reading 3 Tips to Enjoy Holidays Without Putting on Weight

Break Free from the Sugar Monster

Busting sugar cravings is not about will-power. It has more to do with internal imbalances and deficiencies. Understand how sugar affects your brain and body, ways to balance your blood sugar and beat sugar cravings through a healthy diet. Course# 58340 In Senior’s South Room

Guilt Free Valentine’s Day Chocolate Treats  

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and that means a lot of sweet indulgences over the next few days and beyond. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love chocolates? They are always a welcome treat, aren’t they? Whether it’s the craving for chocolate after meals, or as a quick snack sized bite with the afternoon coffee; … Continue reading Guilt Free Valentine’s Day Chocolate Treats  

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