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10 Essential Foods for Rocking Digestion and Energetic You

R.I.P Tanuja

  I am dead and now finally at peace. Why did I have to ‘die’ to attain peace? Why did I have to go through life as if my butt was on fire and had to perpetually scramble to get things together? Why did I hustle to ‘find’ happiness and peace? Shouldn’t that be my … Continue reading R.I.P Tanuja

Workplace Brain Foods

  Our brain never rests. Just like the heart and other vital organs of the body. But if the brain stops working, so would those other body parts and therefore you! When at work, most likely the brain is in an overdrive mode. Problem solving, creating, trouble shooting, managing, multitasking, organizing, memorizing, writing, calculating…the list … Continue reading Workplace Brain Foods

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