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10 Essential Foods for Rocking Digestion and Energetic You

7 Bedazzling Non-traditional Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  Shopping close to Valentine ’s Day makes me roll my eyes till I feel dizzy to the point of almost falling flat on my face. Any guesses why? Because of the same old- same old (boring) tsunami of merchandise and promos for Valentine’s day! Most people never think beyond the clichéd gifts like chocolates, … Continue reading 7 Bedazzling Non-traditional Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Food Decision Fatigue

  I was recently watching a video on business development by Marie Forleo, where she was talking about Decision Fatigue.   This basically means as entrepreneurs, we have so many small choices to make every day that we exhaust ourselves fighting the decision battles.   The solution she presented was to try a ’Decision Detox’ by keeping … Continue reading Food Decision Fatigue

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