I was once possessed.

I’m kidding you NOT.

I really was possessed.

Ok, before you label me as a lunatic and decide to walk off, at least give me a chance to explain myself.
This was about 8-9 years ago when I was a rat (in human form) working in the corporate world and devoting my life to the rat race, trying to be ‘someone’.

I was exhausting myself, doing 2 people’s jobs telling myself the bogus story that I was a Hero.

The reality was that I was an absolute idiot- overworked and exhausted.

It was a high-pressure job, and so I was super stressed out as well- ALL the time.

And so my sole method of comforting myself was ‘treating’ myself with chocolate and other sweet yummies.

You could open my work drawer at any time and find a stash of chocolate in there.

On one such stressful day, I had the ‘urge’ to eat a chocolate macadamia nut cookie. (Yes, I used to have very specific food cravings).

So I went to the corner convenience store, which was literally 100 feet away- too convenient, right?
And I ate one. No big deal.

As I was walking back, I had this urge to eat potato chips. So I turned back and bought myself a jumbo size bag of potato chips, plus 2 more cookies as my son also loved them.

I ate some chips and then I wanted to have another cookie!

And how lucky was I that I had 2 extra cookies with me which I had bought for my son?
So I ate another one.

You know where I am going with this right?

Yup, you nailed it.

Within the next few minutes, I ate more chips and had finished the 3rd cookie as well!
My colleague, who shared the office with me was looking at me quizzically.

She knew I had a sweet tooth, but she couldn’t stop herself from asking me- “Are you ok Tanuja? I’ve never seen you like this! It’s like you have been possessed!”

That’s when it hit me!

It really did feel like I was possessed.
By a Sugar Monster!!

What the hell was I doing?

I felt so gross I went to the washroom and threw up.

So what did my stress have to do with this erratic behavior?
Well, everything!

You see when we are stressed; we trigger the fight or the flight response.

Now you may decide to put up a brave front and decide to fight or instead chicken out and decide to flee.

Either way, you need sugar to fuel the body and do the needful.

During stressful periods, our Cortisol levels (the stress management hormone) shoot up. This helps gather the sugar needed to deal with the situation.

That is why when you are stressed you may feel like binging on sugary treats.
(This is where you go- Aha!)

Unfortunately given our today’s fast-paced lives, we are typically stressed most of the times.

I did not know all of this then. I was just living my life oblivious to the fact that my lifestyle was affecting my food choices.

My mindset of blaming my job and my environment were not helping either.
It was no surprise that I was always super exhausted, ready to snap at my hubby and son, binging on sugar and feeling bloated.

In short, I felt horrible.


Today as a nutritionist, I am passionate about helping stressed, time-strapped busy bees transform from being exhausted, overwhelmed and body shy to energetic and confident and gorgeous.

I empower you to get your mojo back with simple, sustainable strategies to
* Eliminate heart burn, gas, bloating, IBS, diarrhea/ constipation,
* Bust sugar cravings and
* Transition into your ideal weight gracefully

So you can shine in your authentic light every single day.

Now, if you too have been ballroom dancing with the sugar monster, or worse still you feel like you are possessed by the sugar monster; then here are some tips for you:

• Eat protein rich foods to stabilize sugar levels in the body and reduce cravings. Examples: chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, legumes and beans.

• Up your healthy fat intake as it increases satiety and reduces cravings. Examples: avocado, grass-fed-butter, ghee, olive oil, avocado oil, nuts and seeds

• Eat a diet rich in complex carbs like whole grains, beans/ legumes and vegetables.

• Stay away from processed/ packaged foods as they loaded with hidden and added sugars

• Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as they provide micronutrients like Vitamin B and C, Zinc and Chromium. These micronutrients are important for sugar metabolism and therefore reduce sugar cravings.

You should also go on a short 3 day sugar detox.
Sugar detox pic

With fall coming up and the back-to-school frenzy stressing you out- this is the best time to detox and prepare the body for the new season.

Download my FREE 3 day Sugar Detox Guide here, and say Good Bye to the sugar cravings without depriving yourself!

You will learn simple tricks to get freedom from sugar in just 3 days.

Plus, get 3 days of clean eating meal plans including your favorite foods like sugar free peanut butter cookies, other delish recipes and shopping list.
I also invite you to join my private and confidential FB group Nutrition 101 where you will be part of a like-minded tribe on their journey to wellness.

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AND, we can go through the sugar detox in the group.
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