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10 Essential Foods for Rocking Digestion and Energetic You

Success Stories


Angela W., North Vancouver (Digestion)

“I signed up to work with Tanuja since I needed advice on how to stop the “boom or bust” bowel movements that I faced on a regular basis.

I am a healthy eater, exercise regularly, and eat the same foods that my partner does and he is as regular as can be, while I was severely constipated!

My GP told me to eat more fibre, which I already was, so I couldn’t believe that fibre was the problem.

It took me a while to decide to sign up with Tanuja, as I say, I was in denial because I thought I could work it out on my own which foods could be causing me to be like this.

But the discovery call with Tanuja, made me realised that I needed professional help.

The 1:1 consults are really a journey into self discovery and the results are truly dependent by how much you put into it.

Tanuja is a holistic healer which means that she is concerned with both body and mind.

I learned that stress was causing a lot of my problems; tensing up and not giving myself the time or permission to look after myself.

Now I look after my body and mind with much more love.
Funny thing is that this in turn has given me more time back as I’m able to tackle work and problems with more energy and a better attitude.

Don’t suffer for a minute more than you have to. The body can heal itself but it takes help to know how to do this.

I would recommend working with Tanuja to anyone that says to me “you’re looking great, what are you doing?”


Benny L., Burnaby (Digestion)

“I took Tanuja Dabir’s “Signature” Digestion Program as I was fed up with my ordeal/suffering from IBS- Diarrhea, food intolerances to many different foods, gas and bloating for over 10 years.

Within the first couple of weeks of starting the program, my bowel movement frequency had reduced from 3-5x/ day to 2-3.

My BMs are now regularised at 1-2/ day, and I no longer feel ‘stuck’ to the washroom.

I love that fact that I can eat normally now. I can now even eat many of the foods I was earlier sensitive to, like gluten.

My energy levels are more consistent through the day, and the bloating and gas are gone.
I’m not only more in tune with my body now, but also confident about making the right food choices to support my health needs going forward.

Before starting the program I was unsure if the program will really work, as I had also worked with a Naturopath earlier, without any results. However, I am so happy I decided to work with Tanuja.
It was worth every penny!

Tanuja even helped me fuel well with the appropriate foods to match my intensive physical activity schedule.
I would highly recommend working with Tanuja people suffering from IBS, indigestion, food sensitivities or any other health issues for that matter.

Tanuja knows her stuff, and she supports you every step of the way.
Her recommendations for food, lifestyle and supplements are practical and customized to suit your lifestyle.”


Rheanna T., New Westminster (Food Sensitivities/ Psoriasis/ Migraines)

“I just finished working with Tanuja and have had a lot of success that I wanted to share. I had been struggling with stomach pains, migraines and psoriasis for a long time.It was quite annoying and frustrating, as I couldn’t figure out the cause/ trigger for them. Initially, I was unsure if working with a nutritionist would really help or if it would be worth the cost.

However, I’m so glad to have sought Tanuja’s help! Working with her, I discovered that the root cause of my migraines and stomach pains was Candidiasis (Candida overgrowth) and food sensitivities. I also found out that my psoriasis was being aggravated by certain foods. All conditions were aggravated by stress as well – Tanuja helped me figure out that I had a habit of attracting negative energy by thinking worst case scenarios.

We worked together to clear the Candida, strengthen the digestion and being more mindful of my thought patterns.

The incidents of my migraines have drastically reduced – from about 1-2 migraines a week to 1-2 a month! The stomach pains are much less and infrequent.My psoriasis is also improved considerably. I feel more ‘normal’ now.

I hope you all have the same success with your nutrition goals”


Priya D., Vancouver (Digestion)

“The recommendations Tanuja gave me fit my lifestyle, dietary and health needs.
Tanuja helped me identify what foods were causing my discomfort and helping me adjust my dietary habits.

The result is that I feel healthier and my discomfort has gone down by a good 90%!

I liked the fact that Tanuja does her research. I had a very specific and rare surgery and Tanuja did her homework and gave me some great advice as to how it affected my digestive system.

She offered me more advice and asked more questions than my doctors had. I found the experience to be very helpful and her recommendations easy to follow.

I would recommend Tanuja to people who need a holistic approach to their health issues plus she is great to talk with in general. She is highly knowledgeable and is very thorough. I’m glad I sought her out.”


Sharon K. S, North Vancouver (Allergies/ Food Sensitivities/ Digestion)

“I would strongly recommend Tanuja as a Holistic Nutritionist.

Tanuja’s recommendations helped me ask informed questions of my Naturopathic Doctor and incorporate simple changes to my diet to manage my food allergies. These simple changes adding digestive enzymes, looking at food combining and adding more protein with omega 3s such as chia seeds, have made a big difference in managing my allergies.

Greatly appreciate your suggestions…”


Veena A., Burnaby (Weight Loss)

“It was a pleasure working with Tanuja on my weight loss initiation.

For years I had tried to lose weight on my own and tried eating sensibly and exercising daily but to no avail. I was impressed with Tanuja’s presentation on Nutrition and then asked her to take me on as a `Challenge`!

Within 4 months of working through her assessments, plans and suggestions – I have lost about 9 pounds and several inches! She was always approachable; had answers to all my questions and was very easy to work with. There was flexibility in her approach which I needed. Following the 3 week plan was not all easy but it did achieve results.

I would recommend working with her to one and all who are interested in losing weight, and gaining better health.”


Janice B., Vancouver (Weight Loss)

“I reached out to Tanuja for nutritional support and guidance as I was making transitions in my professional career. I wanted to ensure that I was making the right long term, sustainable choices in my diet and for my overall health.

Following an evaluation of my current health and through weekly coaching, Tanuja provided tremendous support, helpful tips and easy to use tools to set me up for success.
I also lost 9 lbs in 10 weeks!

Her knowledge on how to tailor a holistic program help me to achieve my goals to improve my overall health- nutritional, mental and physical.”


Kuljit, K, Toronto (Weight Loss)

“I worked with Tanuja as I wanted to lose weight and improve my health. I used to walk for 1 hour daily and I used to think that I was eating healthy food. Yet was I kept gaining weight.

After following Tanuja’s recommendations, my weight started to go down quickly. I’ve lost 15 pounds in 7 weeks, plus lost several inches from my waist, arms and thighs.

For many years I’ve had itchy ears and throat and I thought it is age related issue (I’m 62), but it has gone completely! The numbness in my arms and legs has also decreased significantly. My indigestion is gone and I am less gassy now; and as a result my sleep has improved.

I’ve seen people working with dietitian/nutritionist and deprive themselves of foods or give up their favorite foods. I was afraid that I would not be able to follow the program if I was given lots of restriction. But that was not the case in working with Tanuja.

Tanuja has helped me with a mind-shift and I wish to remain healthy so that I am not dependent on anyone.”


Swati B., Burnaby (Sugar Cravings)

“Thank you so much for helping me with my diet. Your advice to have a snack at 10.30a.m works great for me.

I always used to feel guilty about having a snack between my breakfast and lunch. This snack keeps me energetic. I love my oats in the morning and don’t mind having them as my breakfast for the rest of my life. Also the probiotic and multivitamin helps me a lot. My sugar cravings are almost gone. I don’t have sleep problems anymore.

Thanks for your guidance and keeping me motivated through this process. I think I am very lucky to have all this guidance when I need it the most. I enjoy my life much more now.

Really appreciate your suggestions…”


Vaishali, B., Burnaby (Sugar Cravings)

Thanks a lot for the recommendations. I found them very simple and easy to follow though avoiding cookies and junk was a challenge initially. Your suggestion to add protein to every meal helped me a lot by reducing my cravings. And when I saw the results at the end of 2 weeks (lost 2 lbs) I was motivated to follow for next 4 weeks and now I don’t even feel that I’m on diet. It has become a second nature to me.
I think my overall energy level has improved. I don’t constantly worry about my weight.

It is a bi-product of a change in a lifestyle.


Dr. R. Avinashi (M.B.B.S; S C.C.F.P), Burnaby/ New Westminster (Diabetes Type 2)

Tanuja Dabir is a very pleasing personality and helpful person. Tanuja gave a wonderful presentation about the role of diet in management of Diabetes. Her message was very good, simple to understand and liked by all.

As a practising family physician for the last 40 years, I can say she is very thorough in her approach to the clients. She has very good knowledge regarding nutrition needed for health and wellness.

Hope she continues to help her clients in her practice for long time.


Dr. Tricia Tang. Associate Professor of Medicine, UBC, Vancouver (Diabetes Type 2)

We had the pleasure of including Tanuja Dabir, Registered Holistic Nutritionist as one of the instructor’s of our research study entitled Peer-Led Empowerment-based Approach to Self-management (PLEASED). PLEASED investigates the impact of peer support intervention on improving and sustaining glycemic control and other diabetes related health outcomes among South Asian adults with type 2 Diabetes.

For the education component of PLEASED, Tanuja delivered culturally tailored nutrition education for training peer leaders as well as educating patients. Her presentation was engaging and very well received.

Tanuja’ special interest/ focus is on sugar cravings and blood sugar imbalances like dysglycemia and type 2 Diabetes, and hence she was the perfect choice for conducting nutrition class. She was able to correlate the course content with examples from real life, making the connection with South Asian lifestyle, food habits and choices. She facilitated the session quite professionally and yet in fun, relaxed environment putting everyone at ease, answering the group’s questions and encouraging participation and two-way interaction.

Tanuja also played a key advisory role in our project SPACE (Support Physical Activity; a Community Effort). SPACE is a virtual fitness center designed for Punjabi speaking South Asian adults at risk or diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. One component of the SPACE website is dietary resources and education. Tanuja helped in the development of this by recommending new nutritious recipes and healthier alternatives for traditional South Asian meals. We have also included some of Tanuja’s recipes on the SPACE website and are happy with our association with her on our projects.

Tanuja is extremely generous with her time and was an excellent team player with our large research team. Other research assistants have reported very positive experiences working along side her. Her professionalism and expertise is quite impressive. I would be more than happy to work with Tanuja in the future on any project I lead.


Marilyn B, Burnaby (Healthy Eating)

I found Tanuja very knowledgeable and committed to assisting me to attain the goals I set for myself. The program was easy to follow and stay on track. I loved the menu’s outlined for each day, as that is what I required the most.

I’d give working with Tanuja a 9 out of 10 (I don’t usually recommend anything to others)!

Interested in working together?




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