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10 Essential Foods for Rocking Digestion and Energetic You

Eliminate IBS, Constipation, Diarrhea, Heartburn, Bloating & Cramps!

Stop worrying about indigestion, upset stomach & frequent runs to the washroom.

Strengthen your digestion once and for all.


The gut is your second brain!

Home for 70% of your immunity

Your emotional GPS and a true marker of your health.

It all begins in the gut.

This is for you if you:

  • Experience low energy through the day, especially after lunch
  • Eat healthy, but are still putting on weight steadily
  • Are addicted to sugar/ carbs and binge on cookies and junk foods
  • Are fed up of indigestion/ bloating and even elastic pants don’t fit you
  • Feel embarrassed of excessive gas, belching and acid reflux
  • Are so constipated that the ’going’ is a celebratory event
  • Feel ’stuck in a toilet’ because of diarrhea/ IBS
  • Get shaky , irritable or nervous on skipping meals
  • Suffer from food sensitivities and allergies
  • Can’t sleep at night and feel like a zombie
  • Have lost focus and your brain is fogged out
  • Suffer from Candida, parasites or have used antibiotics extensively

You may not even know that the above symptoms root back to a weak digestive system. But that is what it really boils down to.

This program is for those who have a weak digestion.

So if you want to delve deeper, uncover root cause of these symptoms and take an active part in strengthening your gut- this is the right program for you.

On finishing the program you will:

  • Have a rocking digestion so you can enjoy all your favorite foods without worrying heart burn, gas or cramps.
  • Brim with energy and do all things you want to with your family and friends
  • Get a good night’s sleep each night and be more focussed and productive at work and home
  • Learn how combat stress with the right lifestyle and dietary habits, so it does not weaken your gut again
  • Be armed with the tips and tricks to eat right at home, work, on-the-road and when dining out
  • Be a wizard on gut strengthening foods and lifestyle habits.
  • Have the freedom to go out again without worrying about constipation, or be near a toilet due to diarrhea or IBS
  • Balance your gut bacteria to get rid of symptoms like weight gain, inflammation, allergies or digestive issues
  • Eat without worrying, as you nourishment your body and mind with gut soothing foods
  • Detox you liver, to reclaim you strength and live without hassles and compromises.


What’s included:

  • Complete digestive system overhaul
  • Initial 60 min detailed diet, lifestyle and symptom analysis and road map
  • 11 Follow up sessions, 30 min. each via phone/ Skype or in person in Vancouver targeting a specific area of the digestive system
  • Personalized evaluations
  • Custom 7 day meal suggestions
  • Custom supplementation suggestions (as applicable)
  • Great discounts on high quality branded supplements
  • Email and phone support and accountability between sessions
  • Custom lifestyle suggestions
  • Handouts and resources (as applicable)
  • Access to private Facebook community for incredible peer support


Angela W., North Vancouver

“I signed up to work with Tanuja since I needed advice on how to stop the “boom or bust” bowel movements that I faced on a regular basis.
I am a healthy eater, exercise regularly, and eat the same foods that my partner does and he is as regular as can be, while I was severely constipated! My GP told me to eat more fibre, which I already was, so I couldn’t believe that fibre was the problem.

It took me a while to decide to sign up with Tanuja, as I say, I was in denial because I thought I could work it out on my own which foods could be causing me to be like this. But the discovery call with Tanuja, made me realised that I needed professional help.

The 1:1 consults are really a journey into self discovery and the results are truly dependent by how much you put into it. Tanuja is a holistic healer which means that she is concerned with both body and mind.

I learned that stress was causing a lot of my problems; tensing up and not giving myself the time or permission to look after myself.

Now I look after my body and mind with much more love. Funny thing is that this in turn has given me more time back as I’m able to tackle work and problems with more energy and a better attitude.

Don’t suffer for a minute more than you have to. The body can heal itself but it takes help to know how to do this.

I would recommend working with Tanuja to anyone that says to me “you’re looking great, what are you doing?


Benny L., Burnaby

“I took Tanuja Dabir’s “Signature” Digestion Program as I was fed up with my ordeal/suffering from IBS- Diarrhea, food intolerances to many different foods, gas and bloating for over 10 years.
Within the first couple of weeks of starting the program, my bowel movement frequency had reduced from 3-5x/ day to 2-3.

My BMs are now regularised at 1-2/ day, and I no longer feel ‘stuck’ to the washroom.
I love that fact that I can eat normally now, which includes many of the foods I was earlier sensitive to, like gluten.

My energy levels are more consistent through the day, and the bloating and gas are gone.
I’m not only more in tune with my body now, but also confident about making the right food choices to support my health needs going forward.

Before starting the program I was unsure if the program will really work, as I had also worked with a Naturopath earlier, without any results. However, I am so happy I decided to work with Tanuja. It was worth every penny!

Tanuja even helped me fuel well with the appropriate foods to match my intensive physical activity schedule.

I would highly recommend working with Tanuja people suffering from IBS, indigestion, food sensitivities or any other health issues for that matter.

Tanuja knows her stuff, and she supports you every step of the way.

Her recommendations for food, lifestyle and supplements are practical and customised to suit your lifestyle.


Rheanna T., New Westminster

“I finished working with Tanuja about a month ago and have had a lot of success that I wanted to share. I had been struggling with stomach pains, migraines and psoriasis for a long time.It was quite annoying and frustrating, as I couldn’t figure out the cause/ trigger for them. Initially, I was unsure if working with a nutritionist would really help or if it would be worth the cost.

However, I’m so glad to have sought Tanuja’s help! Working with her, I discovered that the root cause of my migraines and stomach pains was Candidiasis (Candida overgrowth) and food sensitivities. I also found out that my psoriasis was being aggravated by certain foods. All conditions were aggravated by stress as well – Tanuja helped me figure out that I had a habit of attracting negative energy by thinking worst case scenarios.

We worked together to clear the Candida, strengthen the digestion and being more mindful of my thought patterns

SThe incidents of my migraines have drastically reduced – from about 1-2 migraines a week to 1-2 a month! The stomach pains are much less and infrequent.My psoriasis is also improved considerably. I feel more ‘normal’ now.

I hope you all have the same success with your nutrition goals.”


Priya D., Vancouver

“The recommendations Tanuja gave me fit my lifestyle, dietary and health needs.

Tanuja helped me identify what foods were causing my discomfort and helping me adjust my dietary habits. The result is that I feel healthier and my discomfort has gone down by a good 90%!

I liked the fact that Tanuja does her research. I had a very specific and rare surgery and Tanuja did her homework and gave me some great advice as to how it affected my digestive system.

She offered me more advice and asked more questions than my doctors had. I found the experience to be very helpful and her recommendations easy to follow.

I would recommend Tanuja to people who need a holistic approach to their health issues plus she is great to talk with in general. She is highly knowledgeable and is very thorough. I’m glad I sought her out.”


Program delivery:

  • All sessions are conducted either in person, within Vancouver area or over Skype/ phone.
  • Handouts and other resources are delivered via email or through secure online log in access.
  • Sessions are held every week.
  • You get a total of 16 weeks to complete the entire program, in case you miss a session.

Book Free Discovery Call to Get Started

So cheers to a great new start to a healthier you, and look forward to working with you!

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