Rejuvenating Gut Detox


Recharge & 

Re-energize Your Gut!

7 days of a gentle cleanse.

Refreshingly easy to follow 

Time to End the Lethargy, Bloat, Constipation, Migraines, Breakouts & Cravings 

Rev up your metabolism & refresh yourself in just 7 days!

Give your liver & gut some TLC

You need this detox if:

  • You are always tired and knocked out like a sloth
  • You got more aches & pains than your grandma
  • Your acne, pimples & oily skin will put any teenager to shame
  • You get more colds, flu and recurrent infections than a toddler
  • Your sinuses are jammed with gunk
  • Your migraines make you retreat into a dark cave like a bat
  • You want to throw away the laxatives and have a normal poop for once
  • You are sore, cranky and 'bitchy' with PMS
  • You've forgotten what sexy feels like 'cuz the bloat gives you a ‘preggy looking’
  • Your metabolism has hit rock bottom giving you multiple muffin tops
  • You want to look gorgeous and lose that excess weight
  • Your cravings haunt day & night- like its Halloween every day
  • You spend sleepless nights, tossing and turning
  • And MOST OF ALL.....You want to feel light, vibrant and energized in every cell of your body

You know why this happens?

Years of mental and physical stress, mindless eating, sedentary lifestyle, indiscriminate use of medicines/ antibiotics, exposure to harsh chemicals & preservatives are to blame.

Life can be overwhelming at times, and it ends up taking a toll on your body.

But it's never too late, to stop being 'busy' and take the time to refresh yourself.

Time is precious. 

All you need is a detox proven system, an A-Z guide on what to do, how to do along with well laid out meal plans and recipes.

You don’t want to spend hours on food prep, run around gathering exotic, hard to find ingredients and break into sweat wondering how on earth can you do it all.

I get it!! Coz' I was there just a short while ago. 

Now is the right time.

Hi! I’m Tanuja Dabir, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a mom, a community volunteer, a dancer at heart with a love of traveling and reading. 

 I have been in your shoes! 

  • I was exhausted and unfocused, barely able to get off the couch
  • I binged on sugar and felt miserable eating it and avoiding it 
  • I have felt guilty about being irritable and snappy at home 
  • My muffin top was growing steadily, and I used to dread going shopping for clothes, especially pants! 
  • I have stepped off the scale feeling full of regret I was super confused ‘Googling’ -how to eat healthily
  • And I have tried different diets and failed, as I was starving myself and would quit half way through them.

The stress of work-life balance and on-the-go lifestyle was making me feel and look awful day after day. 

I was praying for a miracle. 

But that was a few years ago. 

Today, I enable stressed and on-the-go busy bodies just like you to eat clean, bust the sugar cravings, beat the bloat and strengthen digestion so that you can brim with energy from the inside out. 

I help you eat nutritiously without spending hours in the kitchen or breaking the bank on expensive health foods. 

That’s exactly why I’ve created the Rejuvenating Gut Detox just for you!  

Cut out the overwhelm, frustration and hysteria!


With the Rejuvenating Gut Detox, you will:

  • Have a rocking digestion so you can enjoy all your favorite foods without worrying about heart burn, gas or cramps. 
  • Brim with energy and do all things you want to with your family and friends
  • Get a good night’s sleep each night & be more focused and productive at work and home
  • Learn how effectively combat stress with the right lifestyle and dietary habits, so it does not weaken your gut again
  • Become a wizard on detoxing foods and lifestyle habits.
  • Have the freedom to go out again without worrying about constipation, or be near a toilet due to diarrhea or IBS
  • Cleanse the liver to get rid of symptoms like weight gain, inflammation, food sensitivities or digestive issues
  • Eat without worrying, as you nourishment your body and mind with gut soothing foods
  • Balance your hormones and get reduce PMS symptoms
  • Rev up the metabolism & turn up the fat burning mechanism
  • Reclaim your strength and live without hassles and compromises.

This is a simple and gentle detox which does not require you to change your lifestyle drastically or starve yourself! 

  • The meals will nourish every cell of your body, energize you and make you healthier
  • It won't be a struggle 
  • And you don’t need to be a chef either!

It's about giving your digestion a break to recover. Your body needs wholesome, vitamin and mineral rich foods, which energize you from the inside out.

It's about a paradigm shift and fueling your body with real foods.

The Rejuvenating Gut Detox includes:

  • Basics of detoxing
  • Important tips to know when detoxing
  • The 6 pillars for a successful detox 
  • Meal plans and recipes
  • Grocery list
  • Great discounts on high quality branded supplements
  • Access to private Facebook community for incredible peer support

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1. "Will I lose weight with this detox?"

This is a cleanse for your liver and digestive system, so that they can function at their optimum levels. Detoxes are never meant to lose weight. If weight loss is experienced it is mainly because of the body releasing a lot of stagnant water and toxins in the body. 

So while you may lose some weight, please do not purchase this program for weight loss!

This program will help your digestion, help rev up your metabolism, energise and refresh you. That is the key. The long term side effects of a properly functioning digestion will be weight loss, vitality and a glowing skin!

2. "I have no time to prepare elaborate meals- I can’t do this...."

The program is about discovering ways to make your life easy. We do not want things to get anymore complicated than they currently are. This is one of the simplest and gentlest detoxes.

3. "My family may not support me in this journey."

You have to do this for your own sake! You can never pour from an empty cup.

The meals here are delicious and nutritious to everyone can enjoy them. 

4. "Is there meat in the plan?"

 The meals all vegan, so there is no gluten, sugar, dairy or meat in here. But I've included ideas for how to customize and change things to suit your individual needs.

5. "I certainly want to do the program, but now is not the best time. What are my options?"

Life can be crazy busy, I get it. This program is meant to make your life easier!! 

You can enroll in the program now and we can start on a date convenient to you.

On the flip side, you could keep eating the way you’ve been eating. It’s gotten you this far. You could go on with life and keep doing what you’ve always done. No biggie. 

But I think of a better life. One where I wake up and jump out of bed, be and feel my best. 

You deserve to feel incredible every morning. Don’t you? 

6. "What kind of support or coaching do you offer with this program?"

Your success is my goal! I'm invested 100% in it every step of the way. 

The entire program is delivered online.

Plus, upon signing up, you will gain access gain access to a fun and private FB group with others who are taking the program. I will hang in there daily answering your questions, helping you with your concerns and providing any other support and guidance you need. 

You will also get to share your wins and questions with others just like you in the program and build a great community of friends! You can even create accountability partners for your personal accountability. 

7. "Would I have to count calories or portions during the program?"

NO! Absolutely not! 

The focus of this program is to strengthen your digestion with gut healing/ soothing foods and eating/ lifestyle strategies. I’ve never had any participant say they were hungry when on the plan, The idea is to adapt the plans based on what suits you.

Terms and Conditions 

 1. This is a final sale, no refunds will be issued.

2. Participants are encouraged to follow the program as much as possible to get the desired results. 

3. Information will be sent electronically.. Please consider saving paper and print only what you deem essential. 

4. Please note, results achieved from the program will vary depending on the participants level of participation and individual health/ lifestyle differences. 

5. We will try our best to assist you in every reasonable manner. However, this program will not include any one-on-one customized consults. All program related questions will be addressed through the private and confidential Facebook group 

 *Disclaimer: This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease. The information provided in this program is for general educational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of advice from your medical professional, licensed dietitian or nutritionist. You are solely responsible for your health care and activity choices. Participation in this challenge does not constitute a client-coach relationship and does NOT ‘guarantee’ weight loss. 

Cheat sheet:

List of Antioxidant and Detoxifying Foods by Color!


Feel energized, sexy and amazing is just one click away!



You will receive all of the information about the program via email before the program starts. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email them to

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