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10 Essential Foods for Rocking Digestion and Energetic You



Hi! I am Tanuja Dabir, a Mind-Body Transformation Whiz & Digestion Expert with background in Holistic Nutrition.


And I have an uncanny knack to provoke people to unleash their well-being!

Feeling stuck in a body that is ailing, exhausting work-load or a toxic relationship can create physical symptoms like gut issues like IBS (diarrhea/ constipation), sugar cravings, chronic pain & even weight issues.

I work with high-performing women who are done feeling crappy, take their life back by nourishing their body and mind optimally. It’s all reclaiming Freedom, Fun and Power.

I am also an extensive Speaker, Corporate Wellness Expert & Writer.

Here are some fun facts about me:
– I live with my family & my cute yellow lab in Canada.
You guessed it right…they are my heart & soul!
– Dancing, reading & traveling bring me to life.
– I have quite the funny bone in me, but you got to know me more before I humor you.
– I was a radio and TV performer growing up.
– Perseverance and grit are my middle name.
– Whether you are my friend or my client, I will give my 110% to our relationship.
– And the icing on the cake? I have a deeply gratifying coaching practice that enables me to work with people I absolutely adore and transform their lives!

Today, I live life on my own terms. But I wasn’t always like this…….


My Journey:

It was not long ago, that I felt imprisoned in my own body and life.

I was living on an ‘automatic’ mode as if I did not have a choice or chance to change things. I felt dis-empowered & out of control in every facet of my existence.

You see back then, I was working in the stressful corporate world, feeling sick over the years. My perfectionism , drive to succeed, over-commitment and stubbornness to keep going despite all odds was taking it’s toll on my well-being.

Enter chronic body pain, extreme exhaustion, mood swings and irritation, uncontrollable sugar cravings and horrible bouts of IBS (diarrhea). They literally overtook my life.

My body was in excruciating pain 24/7. I could not sleep, do regular chores around the house or go out with family for a fun night out. The IBS was so bad, that going out became a hassle, and I felt I always ’stuck in the toilet’.

My weight was creeping up slowly. I looked horrible and felt horrible.
I used to be in tears, felt completely helpless and often questioned ’why me’?

In a nutshell, I was unhappy, unconfident & keeping up appearances!
But most of all I was LONELY!!

When you suffer for years with debilitating pain, your medical reports are normal and you have no physical injury to show people, you are labelled as lazy & as an excuse maker.

You feel invisible because no-one believes in your ‘tales’ of pain, misery and why you can’t go out like a normal person on trips or fun adventures with them.

You are teased for being fussy and demanding comfortable settings.

You feel left out & alone.

Doctor’s visits were futile, and I was living on painkillers and Imodiums. I was even told at one point that it was all in my head!

But I refused to give up. I kept digging and researching.
The thirst for knowledge led me the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become a R.H.N (Registered Holistic Nutritionist), where I graduated with top honours.

I soon realized how I fed my body and my mind, were the determining factors in how I felt.
With nutritious foods and positive thoughts, I started to feel better. I overcame my longing for sugar, strengthened my digestion and got my energy back. A beautiful side effect of these changes was a glowing, clear skin!


Today, after years of a long & arduous journey of self discovery and recovery- I’m passionate about helping women like you reclaim your freedom, fun and power.
Together let’s chart your path to:

● FREEDOM: from dietary deprivation, pain both mental and physical, & self-sabotaging habits
● FUN: weaved into your ‘daily’ life, instead of waiting for a vacation once a year
● POWER: to regain control over diet, health, thoughts & life


You are enough.
You are more than capable.

Anything is possible, provided you decide you are worth investing in.

I invite you to begin your journey to unleash your well-being right now.


Committed to helping you
achieve your well-being goals….

I promise I will stand by your side every step of the way. I will be your cheer-leader and your accountability partner.

Together we will get you to feel energized, happy and transformed from the inside out.

Interested in working together?



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