Now that we’ve known each other for some time, I have a confession to make.

’I don’t like to exercise.’

There it is, I let the cat out of the bag.

’Is that it?’ You must be wondering. ’What’s the big deal, I dislike it too! So tell me something new.’

Here’s the thing though, one I am a very private person so putting myself out there like this takes courage. Secondly besides diet changes I’ve suggested exercising as a regular lifestyle change to so many. That is because I strongly believe in its multiple benefits both physical and psychological. And honestly those who do incorporate a regular exercise program in their daily lives see the benefits without fail.

My clients come to me after trying and getting disappointed with multitude of things. They are at a point, where they are determined to make long lasting commitment to do what’s best for them. Eating right for your body’s need is the first step but some level of physical activity is equally important.

So how come people like us who fully understand the benefits of exercising (and I’m not going to harp on the benefits here), refuse to incorporate it into our lives? Let’s see, perhaps we are:

  • Lazy about exercising. (Yeah nobody wants to admit to it. We want a magic pill or trick to do all the hard work for us while we sit on a couch with our smart phones instead of working out).
  • Don’t know how or where to start’…..(really??)
  • We start alright but can’t stay on track for a considerable amount of time.
  • Just not the athletic type.
  • Just not a gym person
  • Yada yada yada’….I can go on and on.

Trust me; I had been in the same boat all this long. Plus suffering with chronic pain for many years just added one more excuse to my list.

But the most significant factor I think is the ’lack the inspiration and motivation’. That one driving factor which makes us commit to something. Let’s face it, if we really want to do something, no one can stop us. Strangely, In my case even a family history of auto-immune conditions, diabetes and heart conditions didn’t do the trick!

It’s not as if I am a complete couch potato. I LOVE dancing and take classes twice a week and go for walks every now and then. But I ’knew’ I needed to do more on a regular basis.

So what was my inspiration and motivation to make the change?

YOU !!

Yes, I thought to myself, ’Shouldn’t I be ’actively’ doing what I was promoting to so many? What kind of a role model am I?’

So, I got myself a ’be active’ pass from the community center which gives me access to the gym, the pool and the drop-in classes like zumba. This way, I’m not stuck just going to the gym (which I still don’t like- but am willing to try) and I can choose my activity for the day. I aim to get at least 45-60 mins of exercise 4-5 times a week.

Yes, it’s been challenging incorporating this into my daily schedule. But I’ve stuck to my commitment so far. And now, I actually enjoy it quite a lot and even miss it if I’m unable to exercise one day.

Hope this can inspire you too to make a positive change in your life. I’m here to support you in with your diet challenges and cheer you on your activity challenges.

Go for it, and remember it takes at least 30 days for a change to become a habit.

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