Come the month of February you start feeling that love is in the air. Whether you actually celebrate Valentine’s day or not, you are certainly forced to think about it and see it all around you. All the media hype, advertising and sales gimmicks around flowers, cards, gifts and ofcourse food! The lure of dining out in fancy restaurants with your valentine and presenting him/her with chocolates and desserts’…hmmm’….yummmm??

Well just when you are trying to get back into shape post the holiday eating frenzy and feel that you are on track towards you fitness goals, here come the chocolate feasting days. I won’t lie but I am quite the chocolate lover myself. And honestly eating them once in a while in moderation is not really that bad.

It’s when the sugar cravings overpower you and you have this constant urge to eat something sweet, is what I would call a problem. It possibly means an imbalance of sugar levels in your blood stream, or ’dysglycemia’ as we nutritionists call it. When you eat sweets or refined carbs, the blood sugar levels rise rapidly, only to drop a few hours later. This not only causes fatigue and irritability but also an increased urge to eat sugars/ carbs to steady yourself.

Sugar is acidic and disturbs the acid-alkaline base of the body when over consumed. It’s depletes vital nutrients in the body, leaving you starved at the cellular level (hence the constant hunger felt by sugar addicts). Plus it is one of the major factors in Candidiasis, a commonly seen yeast condition in many people (mostly women).

So if you find yourself prone to devouring a sweet treat every time you see it, or go looking for one to satisfy that sweet tooth; you might want to stop and rethink. Could it be Candidiasis, allergies or dysglycemia? Time to get professionally evaluated perhaps’…’…?

Meanwhile, not depriving yourself of that sweet goodness, check out the recipe section for some yummy nuts and date chocolate balls (refined sugar free!). They are full of essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants with the goodness of cacao and the sweetness of dates! Enjoy!!

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