I Want to Lose Weight


“I want to lose weight and have tried every diet possible. Nothing works.
I lose the weight but it comes back again, help me!”

This is what a friend of mine said to me a while ago. Let’s call her Jane Doe.

“I’ve done everything I could! I’ve gone low carb, high protein, high fat, fasting.
You name it Tanuja and I’ve tried it.
I don’t know what to do anymore and I am sick and tired of this dieting roller coaster.
I love wearing dresses but have stopped buying them coz nothing looks good on me anymore. I hate how I look in the mirror! :(”

Jane was desperate and wanted to try anything to get rid of her excess weight.

She didn’t feel like eating out with friends anymore as she was always on some sort of a diet.

When she came to see me she was hiding behind bulky sweatpants and a baggy top!
It was hard for her, and I could see it.

During our conversation, she also confessed to being very cranky, easily irritated and craved sugary foods and pasta all the time.

Honestly, I’ve seen far too many women struggle like this.

So is it just about will power?

Certainly not.

As I started to dig deeper I realized the main reason behind her symptoms of cravings, irritation and weight gain was blood sugar imbalance.

Blood sugar imbalance also called Dysglycemia is a common condition I see in my practice.

Some reasons behind dysglycemia are:

  • Irregular eating habits
  • Long gap between meals,
  • Consuming carb and sugar rich meals, specially refined carbs
  • Eating imbalanced meals
  • Over eating
  • Under eating
  • Eating too many processed foods

This puts the body under a lot of stress.

The constant rise and fall off blood sugar levels causes you to feel tired, irritated and ‘hangry’. You crave more sugar and that causes further weight gain!

This is exactly what was happening to Jane.

Working with her, I realized she was under eating most meals thanks to all the diets she was on.
Plus she would skip meals to cut out her calorie intake.

So the body was literally starving and craving for more food.

Jane was also eating a lot of processed foods.

Everytime she experienced a sugar crash, she would automatically reach out for a bar of chocolate or a cookie. Her body needed energy and sugar is a quick energy booster!

No wonder Jane had dysglycemia as she had plunged herself in a cycle of starvation and cravings.

It’s high time to realise that excess weight is a symptom / side effect of an underlying imbalance.

It is important to understand that every time you diet and restrict yourself, the body goes into a energy conservation mode. This means it will hang onto every bit of calorie being consumed, making it even harder to lose weight!

That’s why yo-yo diets fail.

Plus the body is undernourished so it will automatically yearn for more food. It’s a no-brainer.

The solution I had for Jane was simple.

I put her on my ‘Diet- Free’ Diet program which meant eating nutritious, wholesome balanced meals and snacks till she was full.

She almost fell out of her chair when she realized I was asking her to eat MORE food than she had eaten in the past several months.

AND it included her favorite pastas.  

Diet- Free’ Diet program is not about starvation, but rather about eating REAL foods 3 times a day with snacks in between. And it is a ‘normal’ diet!

That’s why I call it Diet-Free!

At first, Jane was very skeptical at the thought of eating so much food, but she was willing to try after I explaind to her how the plan would fix her dysglycemia which was really the root cause of her cravings, irritation and weight gain.

Once the blood sugar levels even out, her cravings disappeared and her moods stabilized.

And weigh loss? It’s just a natural side effect of the program.

Jane not only lost weight but has kept it off till date.

How? Because she has learnt how to eat sensibly and practically without depriving herself and messing up her blood sugar levels.

She’s not starving herself anymore, but rather enjoys all of her favorite foods and eat to the point of being satiated.

So what are you waiting for?

Get the ‘Diet- Free’ Diet program now!


Make yourself a priority.

If you’d like to find out more just click here to schedule your complimentary phone in discovery session with me.

See you in the program!

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