'Doctor, I'm tired all the time.'
‘Doctor, I’m tired all the time.’


I’m one of those people who go full throttle at the task at hand, giving my heart and soul to it.

I get super focussed and keep plugging at it until the task is not just completed but completed well. While this most of the times yields great results and definite success with respect to the work or client or project under spotlight, it can also sometimes set me up for challenges in respect to my wellbeing.

You see, since the beginning of this year I have been engrossed in several projects like launching of the 21 day Weight Management Program, Nutritional Speaking engagements at several events and venues, creating programs for community centres etc.

Plus I was busy creating the 2 day Rejuvenating Detox being rolled out today! Spring is a great time to detox, leave behind the heavy winter foods and prepare for summer, so I was under a timeline crunch.

Long story short, I’ve been working 7 days a week for the last two months. So with all work and no play- my health was suffering.

I was having sugar craving and indigestion. Frequent heartburns were keeping me awake at night. I felt like crap!

Talk about me specialising in sugar cravings and digestive issues!! Here I was- a classic case of what my clients come to see me for- overworked, stressed, achy, inflamed and overwhelmed.

We overwork and stress ourselves out to the point our bodies start giving symptoms and remind us to pay attention.

Unfortunately most of us pop antacids, take over the counter drugs, drink coffee to stimulate ourselves, eat carbs and junk food as coping mechanisms.

No, I wasn’t gorging on pizzas and junk foods, but just the stress and no down time was enough to get me exhausted, bloated, and fogged out, despite eating healthy!

I felt ashamed and vulnerable. I had failed myself and fallen flat on my face!

It was a good reminder of how important selfcare is. So I took a step back and stopped everything I was doing to go grocery shopping!

I went and bought all the ingredients I’d put together for the detox program I was creating. What’s the point of creating something and not doing it yourself?

I bought veggies and fruits for juicing and soups, stopped eating wheat, drank lemon water upon waking up and made sure I wasn’t working beyond 9 hours a day.

Plus I went out for walks to enjoy the beautiful sunshine we’ve been having past few days. Just breathing in the fresh air was so invigorating!

That’s it. That was my reset button. In less than 48 hours I’m now back on track! My heartburn is gone, I don’t crave carbs and my energy levels are back.

Moral of the story- we are all vulnerable to our stressors. All we need to do it realise that the projects and tasks will get done eventually.

Taking care of ourselves should be the priority. When we are healthy we can take on the world!

I’m now ready for my next adventure! 🙂

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