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You are busy.

That’s just a fact of life these days.

Busy = Stress, right?

A busy schedule can throw off your the timing of your meals so keeping healthful, wholesome snacks in your car or purse can keep you from having a blood sugar freak out.

Here are some natural stress-busting foods:

Hemp seeds: Also known as hemp hearts, hulled hemp seeds are great for sprinkling on cereal or salads and they’re an excellent source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins that help your body make nerve-calming tryptophan.

Coconut water: Available in convenient single-serve tetrapaks, this tropical drink is a natural source of electrolytes, vitamin C and medium-chain fatty acids that are used as immediate energy for your active body.

Granola bars with no refined sugar: Between meals, when you’re on the go, granola bars are easy to slip into your bag so you don’t have to resort to vending machines or gas station fare. Choose a bar with no refined, white sugar in the ingredient list as that will only aggravate your overworked adrenal glands.

Trail mix: Pre-pack small handfuls of dried fruit, seeds and nuts to help keep blood sugar levels stable during a long day. Like granola bars, these little bags of raw energy will prevent resorting to non-nutritive processed food that may stress you out further.

Try them out and notice the difference!

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