Get Your Mojo Back!

Are You Done Feeling Sick, Perpetually Exhausted & Yet Pretending Everything is Fine?

Discover how you can break-free from the shackles of feeling burnt-out, tired and disconnected to being more healthy, energetic and relaxed than ever before!

You may be having uncontrollable cravings, suffering from digestive issues, feeling drained, tormented by an achy body or feeling like a zombie.....

These symptoms are stealing your piece of mind, sucking the joy out of your life & converting you to a miserable, cranky nag.

But, I’ve got some GOOD NEWS for you… 


Despite how you might feel right now, your body is not broken and all it wants is to ditch those physical symptoms that are ailing you now, get some rest and reconnect to your true self.

I totally get it, because I’ve been there before myself....feeling stuck, lonely and wondering if this was my doomed destiny. I'll share my story with you in just a bit.....

But this is about YOU and all you want is relief!

Whether it's relief from your symptoms, like sugar cravings, weight issues, constipation or diarrhea or feeling tired to the core; OR wanting some peace of mind knowing that all will be ok, & this will be over soon.

Imagine how vibrant and unstoppable you will be when you:

FUEL: your body ind and soul right.

FUN: weaved into your daily life, instead of waiting for that once a year vacation. 

FREEDOM: from dieary deprivation, pain both mental and physical, & self-sabotaging habits.

If you resonate with what I said, then I invite you to a:

 Intimate 1 on 1 VIP Intensive with me.

I know how daunting it could be to step out of that wretched feeling into feeling happy and vibrant. But being supported is the first step of not being lonely AND getting through this quickly. 

In this 3.5 hour heart-to-heart session you will:

#1 Discover how to reconnect with your body and understand it's needs, so that you can instantly change how you feel!

#2 Recognize your self-sabotaging thoughts & patterns and how to shift the perspective, so that you can achieve anything you want!

#3 Map out three ways to fuel & energize your body & mind, so that you feel vibrant, alive & ready to take on the world!

You will walk out of the session confident, energized & powerful. 

This is adeeply intimate session if you are seeking answers understand what is going on in your body and your mojo back to start living again! There will be a dep dive into your symptoms, habits, imbalances with custom recommendations, fun exercises and start afresh on many fronts.

As a result you will feel clearer, have a better understanding what's holding you back, begin to actually listen to your body and chart an action plan to help you heal and feel better.

Now you must be wondering who am I and why am I doing this?

So allow me to introduce myself....

I'm Tanuja Dabir, a Mind-Body Transformation Whiz & Nutritionist 

I have an uncanny knack to provoke people to unleash their well-being!

I work with high-achieving women just like you who are done feeling crappy, to nourish their body and mind optimally so that they can be their best!

Just a few years ago, I was working in the stressful corporate world, feeling sicker and overwhlemed over the years. 

My perfectionism, drive to succeed, over-commitment and stubbornness to keep going despite all odds were taking its toll on my body and sanity. I was in excruciating pain 24/7, extremely exhausted, craved sugar and was battling horrible bouts of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  

I could not sleep, do regular chores around the house or go out with family for a fun night out. The IBS was so bad, that I felt I was always ’stuck in the toilet’. Oh and did I mention that my weight was creeping up slowly? I looked & felt horrible. 

I often used to cry myself to sleep, feeling completely helpless and often questioned ’why me’? 

In a nutshell, I was unhappy, unconfident & keeping up appearances so I didn’t seem WEAK! 

But most of all I was LONELY, despite being around amazing people, I felt alone! 

Doctor’s visits were futile, and I was surviving on painkillers and Imodium. I was even told at one point that it was all in my head! 

But I refused to give up. I kept digging and researching. 

I studied natural nutrition and soon realized how I fed my body and my mind, determined how I felt. 

So today, after years of a long & arduous journey of self discovery and recovery- I’ve been helping men and women around the world with getting them back to feeling like their normal selves. 

My struggles sparked a passion that has lead to my life’s purpose and work, which is helping women like you reclaim your freedom, fun and power through reconnecting your body and self.  

With this passion in mind, I've created this VIP intensive and I would love for you to take full advantage of it!

So here’s what you do next. 

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