Are you sensitive to a particular food- eggs, dairy, kale, soya or any other food(s)?

Let me ask you this- are you sensitive to a particular food- eggs, dairy, kale, soya or any other food(s)?

Does eating these foods give you diarrhea, or constipation or horrible cramps, or make you bloated like you were 5 months pregnant?

Food sensitivities or intolerance are quite common these days.
And honestly having food sensitivities is a damn annoyance. I know coz I ‘used to be’ sensitive to dairy and spinach.

Digestive issues are one of the most common health issues I see in my practice.

Typically 99% of my clients are sensitive to at least couple of foods and 100% of them have some sort of digestive distress.

You can’t eat freely, and always have to be on a look out like a watch dog for those foods creeping into your meals.

And you may have had food sensitivity tests done, and come back with a huge list of foods you can probably never touch.

Now if you are one of those people, most likely your natural reaction is to just stop eating those foods.

Now what?

You just going to starve yourself?

But avoiding those foods FOREVER is NOT the answer!

And that is where you are doing it all wrong!!

Yup! Don’t believe me?

Well, you see a weak gut may be the root of your trauma, and it needs to be strengthened so that you can start enjoying eating ‘normally’ again!

So your next question must be, “How am I wrong in removing the foods I’m sensitive to from my diet?”

Let me explain…..

You are not completely wrong.

Removing the foods temporarily is definitely important. And it will make you feel better initially.
But unless you strengthen the gut, simply removing them from your diet is not going to help much.
Plus you may develop sensitivities to other foods in the long term.

Once the gut is repaired and strengthened you should be able to re-introduce the foods you were sensitive to and enjoy eating ‘normally’. That is why I said temporarily above.

I say this from my own personal experience.
You see, a few years ago I was quite sensitive to dairy products.

Dairy would give me horrible bouts of diarrhea, cramps and bloating and was responsible for my IBS.
So obviously I avoided dairy like the plague.
And while initially I did feel better, my IBS continued to worsen.
I soon found out that spinach was also causing me digestive distress!


So I went for a food sensitivity test and $400 later, the results told me that I was sensitive to about 80 different foods!

That test was an eye opener for me.
My first thought was, “What on earth can I eat then?”

It was then I decided that I needed to fix my gut, if I ever wanted to eat normally again.
So how does one fix the gut?


Fixing the Gut involves 5 steps/ phases, and is at the core of my Signature” Digestion Intensive program:

1. Remove:
In this first phase you remove all the foods you are sensitive/ allergic to along with processed foods, which have no real nutritive value other than irritating the gut. These foods include alcohol, junk food, fast food, smoking, high calorie-fatty desserts etc.

2. Replace:
In the next phase we add healing, nutrient dense wholesome foods to our diet. This includes loads of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans and legumes, healthy oils, spices and herbs and herbal teas.

Your body needs the vitamins and minerals these foods provide to start healing and strengthening.

You can also download my Free Guide for ‘Top 10 Foods for Rocking Digestion and Energetic You’ here, and start incorporating them in your daily diet right away.


3. Reinoculate:
Any time the body is under stress (mental, physical or medical) our gut bacteria is out of balance.

Having a balanced gut bacterial culture is important, as these critters help improve digestion, increase absorption of nutrients and make Vitamin Bs for us right in the gut!


4. Repair:
This step involves repairing the gut with the help of foods and supplements which will seal the leaky gut and provide it with the final strength helping it to start functioning normally.


5. Reintroduce:
In this step, I like to reintroduce the foods that you were originally sensitive to and test the reaction of the gut.

In most cases you will be able to enjoy those foods again without problems.


As you can see, fixing the gut enables you to enjoy a wide variety of foods including the ones you were first sensitive to!

Today I can safely enjoy dairy in moderate amounts and don’t freak out when I see a glass of milk 😉


So if you are sick and tired of avoiding foods and playing the victim to your digestive system, it’s time for you and me to talk.  


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During our call, I’ll personally help you discover how you can reclaim your health and life.
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  • Uncover the root cause, hidden challenges and self sabotaging habits that may be making you tired, bloated, crave sugar and carbs and put on weight.
  • Leave this session renewed, inspired and ready to finally strengthen digestion so you can enjoy your favorite foods with restrictions and be your best once and for all.


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