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I was recently watching a video on business development by Marie Forleo, where she was talking about Decision Fatigue.


This basically means as entrepreneurs, we have so many small choices to make every day that we exhaust ourselves fighting the decision battles.


The solution she presented was to try a ’Decision Detox’ by keeping yourself only a limited number of choices.


Marie then went onto quote:
’Limited choices in your day can lead to limitless freedom in your life! ’


I love this quote! It holds true for so many of life’s circumstances, especially so when it comes to your diet and food choices.


I know you want to stay away from temptations, eat clean and make healthy choices.


So what is stopping you?
Most likely its limitless food choices!
You begin to wonder: ’Where do I even start?’
  • Should I have low fat milk or 2%?
  • Is honey better than maple syrup?
  • Is cheese considered protein or fat?
  • Should I consume coconut oil or butter?
  • Is wine and chocolate good for me occasionally?
  • Is almond milk better than soy milk?
  • Should I drink a fruit smoothie or have vegetable juice instead?
  • Is low fat ice-cream better than sorbet?
  • Am I better off eating Chinese takeout or order a Pizza?
  • Should I drink diet coke or regular coke?
  • Should I go gluten free or eat whole wheat bread?
  • What do these food labels mean and how to interpret them?
  • Is the information on internet reliable or should I read a book on nutrition instead?
  • Should I see a Naturopath or a Nutritionist to get started with a diet plan?


The questions are endless really, aren’t they? And most likely they are exhausting you.

Your head starts spinning just thinking about the limitless choices.

It overwhelms you so much that you quit even before you began!
Or you start and then give up, just because these little battles are sucking the time and the life out of you.
Rings a bell?


I get it.


I was in that exact same space few years ago, when I was trying to figure out how I could eat healthy and improve my symptoms.


You see I was in a terrible state back then. I had crazy bouts of sugar cravings and was constantly bloated.


I used to be so exhausted that after I got home from my corporate job (no I was not a nutritionist back then) that I barely had the energy to cook anything. Going out for grocery shopping or taking my son to soccer or piano was a big ordeal and I would be dragging myself, thinking what did I do to deserve this?


I was putting on weight, felt stuffed and gross.


So when I started to look around for answers, especially about changing my diet- I got even more overwhelmed by the amount of information out there!
 My head would hurt just trying to make sense of it all.


I wish I had seen a nutritionist back then as it would have expedited my healing.
But who thinks about seeing a nutritionist really in real life?
I mean, we all know enough about good foods and bad foods, right? And so you are back to the starting point of again not knowing where to start.


This is what I call the “FOOD DECISION FATIGUE!”


In order to burst that bubble of overwhelm and make It easy for you to begin your journey towards eating healthy, I’ve worked hard to create the Wellness Jump Starter program!


It will give you the much needed ’Decision Detox’.


 You don’t have to think about what to do and how to do it. I’ve laid it out all in simple, practical and sustainable steps for you, giving you not just more physical energy but also more mental energy and focus!


So what are you waiting for? Sign up today as the spots are limited


What’s more, you will also be helping those chronically ill as I’m donating $55 from each sale to the Kidney Foundation at St. Paul’s Hospital.


Its’a WIN-WIN!


Feel free to hit reply or leave me a comment below and don’t forget to Share this opportunity of fundraising while getting healthy.


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