If you are reading this, let me safely assume you have been feeling like crap to some extent, right?

So let me ask you this……

Did you hear the cosmos making a grandiose celestial announcement that today when after waking up you will feel crappy?

Did your numerologist predict that precisely at the age of 35 you will develop food sensitivities?

Did the angels come in your dream a year ago and whispered in your ear that tonight is the last night you will sleep well. From tomorrow its insomnia time, so have fun counting the sheep until dawn for the rest of your life?

Did you get vision of how you will creep upto your pantry at mid-night and steal some of your kid’s candy?

You get the point- huh?

I bet you didn’t have any of these experiences, even though it may certainly FEEL that these physical symptoms just sprung up on you one fine day.

I can also bet that at first, you brushed these symptoms off saying, “Oh that’s nothing to worry about- it happens to everyone!” And you kept brushing off the yucky feeling even when they were progressively getting worse.

What’s more, I can bet you with even more confidence that now you think “Oh, this is just how I am, what can I do about it?!”


This is NOT your normal self.

Overtime, your body unwillingly has adapted to the symptoms and has ACCOMMODATED them in your life!

While you were busy climbing the corporate ladder, over-committing to social engagements, taking the stress of managing your family and cater to everyone’s needs; you were unknowingly ignoring yourself.

When your body was begging you to slow down and rest, you hushed it down because you were too busy.

When you started craving chocolate like a nutcase, you justified it assuming you had a sweet tooth.

When heart burn & indigestion made you pull all nighters, you cursed at first but then forgot all about it the next day.

When the weight started creeping up slowly, you winced but excused yourself saying there is no time to exercise, and took to yo-yo dieting instead.

When you had pain, flu or cold and coughs you popped pills and kept going, as if you were competing with the energizers bunny!

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.

Why are you doing this to yourself?

When you lead a stressed out life, and ignore your body’s cues- the body slowly rebels. Physical symptoms like the ones I mentioned above start appearing. And if you let them to continue for long enough, eventually you feel overwhelmed and are unable to function normally.

I totally get it, coz that is what happened to me too. That’s why I implore you to stop and tune-in!


Honestly, making change is not hard! You don’t need to move mountains.
• Eating healthy is easy.
• Taking care of your body is easy.

You can keep it simple and still see great results.

Let me give you some easy ways to get started today!
• Start by drinking 2 extra glasses of water every day
• Eat a salad at least thrice a week
• Replace French fries with baked yam fries
• Have a turkey burger instead of your regular go-to burger.
• Replace a cookie with a fruit you love to satisfy the sweet tooth.
Try my 3 day Sugar Detox, if you want to start removing sugar from your diet.
• Stretch first thing in the morning just for 5 minutes
• Meditate for 15 mins before going to bed each night
• Take several 5 min breaks throughout the day to instantly re-fresh yourself
• Find healthy replacements for your favorite calorie rich foods.Check out my website for many healthy & delicious recipes.

There are many more easy and sustainable ways to eat healthier and start changing how you feel.

That is exactly how I will work with you. I help you make easy, sustainable changes so that you see results! All you got to do is reach out and ASK for the help.

You just need to decide that you are going to put yourself first for a change.

Because then, you have more energy, you feel good, your confidence levels shoot up.
You have more peace of mind and you begin to have more fun!

Aren’t those reasons enough to start prioritizing your well-being?


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