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10 Essential Foods for Rocking Digestion and Energetic You

You are in the right place if you are progressive organisation who believes in fostering your staff’s well-being.

You are an advocate of your staff’s health because they are worth it!


Healthy employees are the key to the success of any organisation’s bottom line, with increased productivity and presenteeism


Does your organisation:

  • Believe in encouraging employee health and wellness?
  • Know what your staff’s health needs and wishes are?
  • Want more engaged and productive staff?
  • Encourage work-life balance and stress management?
  • Want to reduce annual health care cost by creating a health conscious environment


If you answered yes to any of the above question, contact me today to determine the right corporate wellness program for your unique organisation, whether it’s:

– Lunch n Learns/ Nutrition Workshops

– 1:1 Consultation Packages

– Group Wellness Programs (Onsite/ Online)

Together let’s discuss how we can get your staff think clearly, have razor sharp focus and brim with abundant energy.

You can reach me by email, phone or deploy carrier pigeons!


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Together let’s create a healthy and happy workplace!


Current/ Past Happy Clients:

  • HSBC
  • London Drugs
  • BC Housing
  • Canfor
  • Glentel Inc.
  • BA Black Top
  • Eurovia
  • UBC Research Study
  • South Asian Health Expo
  • ZHOOSH Fitness Garage
  • South Burnaby Metro Club, U14 Soccer Team
  • Beta Collective Co-working Space
  • Community Centers in Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster


Rajeev K, HSBC Office, Burnaby

Tanuja Dabir’s Lunch n Learn presentation, “Top 10 reasons why you might be tired, congested, bloated and struggling with weight issues” was very informative providing simple and practical tips that can be adopted in daily working life.

Her knowledge on nutrition combined with the ease she walked through her presentation, kept the staff pretty engrossed, resulting in a very interactive Q and A throughout the session.

We hope to see more of Tanuja’s nutrition based lunch n learn sessions in the future.


Jason Wong, Beta Collective, Surrey

I had the great pleasure of inviting Tanuja to speak to my entrepreneurial meetup group last year. With so many people busy seeking the startup/digital nomad lifestyle, it’s easy to neglect the importance of healthy eating, especially in our neighbourhood where fast-food and junk food are all within a stone’s throw.

Tanuja is not only an engaging speaker, but she has an incredible wealth of knowledge and was able to answer our members’ most pressing questions. Love to have her back again — it’s been long overdue!


Rhonda Forster, BC Housing, Burnaby

We had Tanuja Dabir deliver a Lunch n Learn on “Top 10 reasons why you might be tired, congested, bloated and struggling with weight issues”. It was informative and provided some helpful tips.

It was a very popular subject so we had Tanuja come back twice to present.
She was very engaging and more than 60 staff members from our head office and other branches attended her talk.


Dr. Tricia Tang. Associate Professor of Medicine, UBC

We had the pleasure of including Tanuja Dabir, Registered Holistic Nutritionist as one of the instructor’s of our research study entitled Peer-Led Empowerment-based Approach to Self-management (PLEASED). PLEASED investigates the impact of peer support intervention on improving and sustaining glycemic control and other diabetes related health outcomes among South Asian adults with type 2 Diabetes.

For the education component of PLEASED, Tanuja delivered culturally tailored nutrition education for training peer leaders as well as educating patients. Her presentation was engaging and very well received.

Tanuja’ special interest/ focus is on sugar cravings and blood sugar imbalances like dysglycemia and type 2 Diabetes, and hence she was the perfect choice for conducting nutrition class. She was able to correlate the course content with examples from real life, making the connection with South Asian lifestyle, food habits and choices. She facilitated the session quite professionally and yet in fun, relaxed environment putting everyone at ease, answering the group’s questions and encouraging participation and two-way interaction.

Tanuja also played a key advisory role in our project SPACE (Support Physical Activity; a Community Effort). SPACE is a virtual fitness center designed for Punjabi speaking South Asian adults at risk or diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. One component of the SPACE website is dietary resources and education. Tanuja helped in the development of this by recommending new nutritious recipes and healthier alternatives for traditional South Asian meals. We have also included some of Tanuja’s recipes on the SPACE website and are happy with our association with her on our projects.

Tanuja is extremely generous with her time and was an excellent team player with our large research team. Other research assistants have reported very positive experiences working along side her. Her professionalism and expertise is quite impressive. I would be more than happy to work with Tanuja in the future on any project I lead.


Valerie Carruthers, Women’s Economic Council,

Tanuja’s presentation on the 5 ways to get the most out of yourself and your business was a wonderful addition to our Vancouver session. This session was comprised of women exploring business or in business and service providers offering business development services.

Her authenticity, gentle approach and engaging way of presenting put the attendees at ease, and made for a great interactive session.
We were able to walk away with practical tips and simple strategies for self-care and self-nourishment, often neglected in business.
All in all it was a great presentation!”


Dr. R. Avinashi (M.B.B.S; S C.C.F.P), Burnaby/ New Westminster

Tanuja Dabir is a very pleasing personality and helpful person. Tanuja gave a wonderful presentation about the role of diet in management of Diabetes. Her message was very good, simple to understand and liked by all.

As a practising family physician for the last 40 years, I can say she is very thorough in her approach to the clients. She has very good knowledge regarding nutrition needed for health and wellness.

Hope she continues to help her clients in her practice for long time.


Robyn Murrell, ZHOOSH Fitness Garage, New Westminster

Tanuja was the opening presenter kick starting our speaker series at ZHOOSH Fitness Garage.

Her presentation on ‘Kick Starting the New Year with Healthy Eating Habits’ was very informative, engaging and importantly relevant to the audience. Tanuja engaged the audience well, satisfying their queries and providing valuable nutrition tips related to everyday life.

Her handmade chocolate heart treats, were also a big hit at the next speaker’s event.

We hope to host another one of her nutrition presentations soon.


Xhevit Burnaci, Soccer Youth Development Coach

Thank you very much for organizing the afternoon speech with our soccer team regarding the sport nutrition.
This was very helpful for all of us, players, parents, and coaches as well, who learnt how to be more careful approaching the game, and practices from the energy balance point of view.
Even little details like how often to allow players for water breaks, have helped us to maintain the intensity of the practice, without over-stretching players with loads that leads to dehydration.
I’m sure that an activity like this one will help every youth sport development organization to improve the efficiency of their work.


Praise from Lunch N Learn/ Public Workshop Attendees
    • Tanuja is an excellent presenter! Learnt many new facts and tricks about healthy diet.
    • I could relate to the examples personally. My perception that healthy foods don’t taste good have changed for sure.
    • Great pace throughout the presentation. I loved the Holistic approach.
    • Loaded with useful tips. I always learn something new from your workshops.
    • Loved the “Kitchen Clean Out” and “Stock Up” part of the talk.
    • Power packed presentation! Lots of practical tips and relate-able examples.
    • Tanuja is quite knowledgeable and sweet. So many interesting facts and helpful advice.
    • Simple, helpful approach without judgement.
    • Excellent tips on meal planning. Thanks for the lovely recipe!
    • Very clear presentation. Practical advice about real life everyday issues. Now I’m not as intimidated at the thought of making healthier choices.
    • Tanuja is very knowledgeable, Everything was clearly explained and to my satisfaction.
    • Tanuja has a great energy about her. Very informative and well laid out presentation


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