Hi folks,

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, I was away for a week with my family in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico over Christmas time. It was a wonderful break as I was able to relax and take out my camera and go back to my hobby of photography for a few days.

Ofcourse the vacation was all inclusive which meant tonnes of food surrounding us all day long! The first day was brutal. Due to our odd flight times and travel exhaustion, we were quite hungry- and you guessed it! We over ate for sure!

The next day the same madness would have quite continued, had I not stopped myself and made a decision.

Nope, it was not to diet or restrict myself. After all I am a human being too, so what if I’m a nutritionist by profession? Plus, that would have just left me grumpy and jealous of everyone else who were enjoying their food while I would be a mere onlooker to their indulgences….

Here’s what I did instead…..

I decided to first take a look around the entire buffet to see what was being served. There was a great selection of salads, soups, main dishes, fruits and oh yeah, desserts too. So instead of going around with my plate and filling it up with every food that came in sight and reach, I decided what was going to be my menu for the meal- just like choosing an à la carte menu.

Everyday there were such a great variety of fresh fish being served, and I love fish. Some were made in orange sauce, some steamed with spinach sauce, or coconut breaded and baked. Yum! I just feasted on the fish. Actually my plate would be full of fish, variety of vegetables (love the Mexican spices), guacamole and salsa. That left with very little space for the carbs like bread, rice or pasta! In fact the only time I had flour products was an occasional taco (filled with fish or zucchini) and in the desserts. This way I was eating lean protein and getting my fill of veggies at every meal!

I found many of the fresh fruits there a little sour to taste, so I decided to have a fruit smoothie every morning to get my share of fruits. I would have the smoothie-lady there add some spinach/ celery or even spouted alfalfa to my smoothie for added anti-oxidants.

I did not deprive myself of the desserts either. I have a big sweet tooth- so that would have been total injustice! The serving sizes of the cakes and tarts were small, but I would further cut them in half and take a couple different options. This way I was still eating a serving, but was able to enjoy 2 desserts at the same time. Smart eh?? Haha…

The cocktails and alcoholic drinks as you know are generally the pound packer, but thankfully I am a water person. So I was keeping myself hydrated with lots of cool water. It was 28 celcius there, so I was sipping water all day long, with an occasional cocktail. My husband was quite disappointed though, he thought I was not doing the drinks a justice!

The final wise decision I made was to go to the gym for at least 30-45 mins everyday for some cardio, nothing very rigorous- but at least I was moving. I also enjoyed the aquafit pool classes the hotel offered, and long beach walks at sunset. All in all it was great vacation!

So you see it’s possible to eat wisely and yet enjoy eating your favorite foods without gaining weight. “For real”….like my son likes to say!

Hope this memoir offered you some practical tips to consider when you are planning your next trip or a enjoying a feast.

I’d love to listen to your personal success stories, tips and suggestions. Drop me a line at tanuja@saakori.com , leave a comment here or on my facebook page

Until next time….Eat Right. Feel Better. Look Good.



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