Besides air and water, food is critical for our survival. It’s something we consume several times a day, it’s a big part of our social life and celebrations and yet most times we are confused about food itself!

We struggle daily with food choices, wonder what to eat or not, feel either guilty or deprived’….. Food is supposed to nourish our bodies and give us vitality and energy, so that we can live our lives to the fullest.

Life is a journey. It’s not about the destination but how the journey is undertaken. This might be true in many instances, but when it comes to achieving vibrant health with one’s eating habits both the journey and destination matter. Your eating habits and lifestyle determine your ultimate health status.

As a child and through my 20’s I was a picky eater. Looking back it might be the reason I used to frequently fall sick and missed school. It wasn’t until I got pregnant with my son that I made the decision that I will not be picky any more (well about most things). But I was still far from ’healthy’ in the true sense. Eating properly and taking care of my health was never a priority. I focussed on career, family, finances, even paid more attention to travel and vacations’….’….health did not even make it at the bottom of the list!

No wonder several health concerns started popping up over the years. Without much success from conventional medicine, I started to look out for alternatives. My thirst for knowledge led me to talk to people, read books and articles about achieving optimal health. I finally decided to study Holistic Nutrition and enrolled myself into the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition with the aspiration to be a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

I gobbled up the wealth of information the course had to offer and was enlightened in many ways. While learning never ends, I am now ready for a new journey in my life.

I genuinely want to help you in your quest of achieving optimal health. You can be in control and take charge of your well-being now.

Let the journey begin’…’….

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