Fess up!
You are not as regular as you’d like to be….right?

I mean if you are not ‘going’ every day, then you are constipated.
Period. The end.

Oops, not really- cause that’s exactly why you should begin reading this blog.

A healthy digestive system is essential for a healthy body, coz it not only helps you breakdown and digest the vitamins and minerals and other goodies from the foods you eat; but also helps eliminate the toxins and other garbage out of the body.

It is the key to a strong and energetic body.

Incase you didn’t know, 70% of your immunity lies in your gut.

And now if you go rarely have the privilege of pooping, or go red in the face trying to force them out you need some serious help.

I’ve helped many clients just like you who were severely constipated.

Strengthening the digestive system is the key as the roots to constipation lie in some sort of an imbalance there. So if you want to get regular check out my Signature Digestion Intensive program.

Meanwhile follow these simple tips to keep your bowels in tip top shape:

1. Ground flaxseed:
Enjoy 1-2 heaping tbsp of ground flax or chia seeds daily – both are gentle sources of fiber that can help promote bowel movements. If you have been taking 1 tbsp try increasing to two.

2. Pysllium fiber:
Adding 1 tsp of psyllium powder to your smoothie can be helpful.

Bowels need to be hydrated to pass stools. If you are experiencing hard stools that are difficult to pass it can often be lack of water as the culprit. Ensure you are drinking at least 2 litres of water per day.

4. Magnesium:
Magnesium is the 2nd most abundant mineral in the body next to calcium. Magnesium stimulates peristalsis which is the rhythmic contraction of your digestive system, moving things along the digestive tract. Great sources of magnesium include; dark leafy green veggies, whole grains, pumpkin seeds and black beans. Talk to your nutritionist about supplementing with magnesium.

5. Probiotics:
Healthy bacteria in our gut is essential for the proper breakdown and absorption of nutrients from our food as well as proper elimination. Plain yogurt with probiotics is a good place to start. Other food sources of probiotics include naturally fermented sauerkraut, kefir, miso and tempeh. For many, supplementation is needed for a more therapeutic amount of these healthy bugs.

Okie dokie.
Let me know how that goes.

Remember if you are concerned about your gut health you can always reach out.
Let’s help you get High-Energy, Healthy and Happy!


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