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“How can I avoid over-eating during Holidays?”
“How can I stay on track with my healthy eating habits?”
“What can I do to enjoy all the party food without putting on weight?”
“How can I eat smart and still enjoy the Holiday parties and dinners?”


I’m sure these questions ring a bell! Right?
These are the most commonly asked questions people often ask me during this time of the year.
So without much ado, let’s dive into it right away.

1. Do not skip meals!

This is a common mistake.

If you starve yourself during the day, you will be way too hungry by the time you actually sit down to eat. Therefore you end up eating a lot more than you would otherwise have.

Remember, the festive meals are generally calorie, fat and sugar rich. So you don’t want to over-eat such meals. Eating your regular meals ensures this.
Eating breakfast and a protein packed lunch before the big meal is essential.
Ensuring that you eat balanced meals and snacks throughout the day is key to control blood sugar levels. My 3 week ‘Diet-Free’ Diet program gives you all the meal plans, tools and tips to do just that. Check it out here and stay on track with your weight goals this year and in 2017.


2. Slow down and chew your food:
It takes the brain about 20 mins to register to are eating.
So when you slow down and chew well, it allows the brain to make the connection, and as a result you end up eating much less quantity of food.


3. Wait a few minutes before taking seconds:
For the same reason as above, the brain takes time to note you have been eating. So if you wait a few minutes before taking seconds, you’ll most likely realize that you are already full and actually don’t need the second round! Smart, right?


Wait, that’s not it yet! There are 7 more smart ways you can avoid overeating and stay on track with your health goals.


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